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Masdar Headquarters.

Building designed to produce more energy than it consumes. (via)

Tags: Design Eco-friendly Energy Green.

Vulture program.

DARPA is designing an unmanned aircraft that can fly for 5 years straight.

Tags: Aircraft Design.

New Worlds Observer.

Space shield that will shade orbiting telescopes from star light allowing astronomers to look for Earth-like planets.

Tags: Astronomy Design Light Space Starshade Telescope.


Supercomputer being designed to have up to 400 terabytes of working memory and 11 petabytes of storage.

Tags: Design Record breakers Supercomputer.

2007 Serial Killer Calendar.

French artist has designed a calendar that portrays the world’s most notorious serial killers.

Tags: Art Calendar Controversy Design.


Project that designs robots bio-inspired by the locomotion of lower animal forms has developed a paddle worm robot that can navigate through the gut of a pig.

Tags: Animals Bugs Design Locomotion Research Robots.

Air-hybrid engine.

Engine hybrid that claims to double fuel efficiency and produce 80% less emissions.

Tags: Design Engine Hybrid.

Forearm Forklift.

Lifting strap system ergonomically designed for moving furniture and appliances.

Tags: Design Gadgets Tools.

Intelligent safety systems.

System that will change an automobile’s shape during a crash to better absorb the impact. (via)

Tags: Cars Design Safety.

Topological contour configurations.

Alphabets have been shaped by the contours that man sees in nature.

Tags: Culture Design Evolution Language.


Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transport. (via)

Tags: Cars Design Eco-friendly.

Invention machine.

Man has created a machine that uses genetic programming to evolve designs that are becoming patentable inventions. (via)

Tags: Design Inventions Machines.

Lobster All-Sky X-ray Monitor.

Telescope designed to view 180° at once can take a picture of the entire sky in 90 minutes.

Tags: Astronomy Design Space Technology.


Concept truck designed to serve as both a vehicle and residence. (via)

Tags: Cars Design Future.

Diverging diamond interchange.

Unorthodox road design will temporarily put Kansas City drivers on the left side of the road.

Tags: Cars Change Design.

Autopia Ampere.

German architect wants to use the process of mineral accretion to build a self-assembling city from the sea. (via)

Tags: Build Design Sun Water.

DNA art.

Scientists discover technique of folding strands of DNA to produce any shape. (via)

Tags: Art Design DNA Nanotechnology.

DNA bridge.

Singapore to build a bridge in the double-helix shape of DNA.

Tags: Build Challenge Design DNA.

Nissan Terranaut.

Concept SUV designed as a mobile working environment complete with science laboratory and integrated computer keyboard.

Tags: Cars Design.


Car that is also an airplane. (via)

Tags: Airplanes Business Cars Design.


Machine that washes, dries, and irons clothes. (via)

Tags: Clothing Design Inventions.


Sleeping grass: ‘personalized nap landscape‘. (via)

Tags: Design Products Sleep.

Dual theorems.

New mathematical method, a combination of kinematics and statics, allows structures to be designed that can maintain their strength when damaged or compromised. (via)

Tags: Design Engineering Math.

Herculean effort.

Olympic torch is too heavy for atheletes to carry. (via)

Tags: Design Games Irony Sports World.

Hippo water roller.

Why carry water in a jug over your head when you can roll it on the ground?

Tags: Design Improvements Products Water.

All talk.

The poorly-designed Norwegian Sound and Braille Library ‘is less suited for the visually impaired’ than most other buildings.

Tags: Build Design Irony Mistakes Woopsie.

Murata Boy.

Japanese company has created a robot that can ride a bike.

Tags: Build Design Make Research Robots Technology.

Should exist.

A blog of stuff that people think should be made. (via)

Tags: Blog Design Ideas Improvements Web.


Using the principles of ‘fluid mechanics‘, a frustrated college engineer creates a beer tap design which improves keg yield by 30% and pours four times faster than a conventional tap. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Beer Business Change Design Ideas Improvements People.


Student in England designs shower that ‘re-circulates and cleans used water.

Tags: Design Environmental Ideas People Recycling Water.

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