Category: Decline

Non-renewable resource.

Kuwait’s largest oil field is beginning to run dry. (via)

Tags: Decline Discovery Energy Gas Resources.

Campaign promise.

Mayor will resign if he is re-elected.

Tags: Decline People Politics Workplace.

Marketing ethics.

Chinese man who started smoking at age three fails to gain Guinness approval for a youngest smoker record.

Tags: Decline Ego Guinness People Smoking.

Go away!

Stranded British couple refuse to be rescued.

Tags: Bizarre Decline Emergency People Rescue.


Man hits a hole-in-one on a mulligan ball and is refused the $10,000 hole prize award.

Tags: Contests Decline Golf Money People Prizes Protest Sports.

Partisan politics.

Republicans and Democrats in South Carolina are fighting over beer money.

Tags: Alcohol Beer Decline Discovery Legal Mistakes Politics Protest Woopsie.

Woo hoo! Doh!

Florida Lotto to woman: $250,000 winning ticket was a misprint. (via)

Tags: Accident Bogus Contests Decline Discovery Mistakes Money People Protest Woopsie.

And the winner is?

Free airfare prize actually ends up being more expensive than if the winner had just purchased the tickets themselves. (via)

Tags: Contests Decline Money Taxes Travel.

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