Category: Deception

Alibi Network.

Service that helps cover a cheater’s tracks. (via)

Tags: Business Culture Deception Propaganda Relationships Spouse.

I see dead people.

Outdoor marketing campaign that used people made up to look like they had been murdered.

Tags: Body Bogus Death Deception Marketing Murder.

Sorry, gotta go.

A Web site that plays sounds to help you get off the phone faster with someone you don’t want to talk with. (via)

Tags: Annoying Deception Phone Rescue Resources Web.

Tips from Hannibal.

Captured fugitive in Pennsylvania tries to bite off his own fingerprints to avoid being identified.

Tags: Bizarre Busted Caught Deception Entertainment Movies People.

Bogus Air.

Airliner fakes emergency so that passengers can watch a soccer game.

Tags: Bogus Deception Emergency Sports Travel.

The Work Blind.

Man creates a curtain for his work cubicle that makes it look like he is working. (via)

Tags: Culture Deception Escape Humor Ideas Make People Workplace.

Hans Brix.

Kim Jong Il won’t be so ronery anymore now that you can search all of his memorable propaganda at NK News.

Tags: Deception Parody People Politics Propaganda Research Search Web.

Damn milkman.

One in 25 men worldwide is not the biological father of a child he believes to be his.

Tags: Accident Deception Discovery Family Hers His Kids Mistakes Research Sex Spouse.

Not like the Oompa Loompa doompadee do.

Man’s claim to being an Oompa Loompa in the original Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory proves to be as phony as this author claiming to have found the fifth golden ticket.

Tags: Bogus Culture Deception Entertainment Movies People.

PTA vs. WWE.

I would have been better off beating a kid, because those teachers always seem to keep their jobs.”

Tags: Deception Discovery Education Entertainment Fired Sports Wrestling.

Doggie disguises.

Turn your doberman into a poodle. (via)

Tags: Animals Deception Ideas Pets Prank Products.


The man who just couldn’t say no to love. (via)

Tags: Bogus Busted Caught Crime Deception Discovery Legal Spouse Weddings.

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