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Gregor Schneider.

Artist is looking for people who are dying to be part of an art exhibit. (via)

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Readers of jasonspage.

Sorry for the lack of post. A death in the family has put blogging on hold for the rest of this week. Will be back blogging on Monday.

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Hamburg SV.

German football club that is offering its fans the opportunity to be buried next to their stadium. (via)

Tags: Death Fans Graveyard Soccer Sports.

Myalgic encephalomyelitis.

Disease listed as the official cause of death for the first time is also known as chronic fatigue syndrome. (via)

Tags: Death Disease Milestones.

Death vans.

China operates a fleet of mobile execution vehicles. (via)

Tags: Controversy Crime Death Execution Human rights Nationality.

Viewing hours.

Egyptian tycoon wants to be mummified and attached to the arm of a clock after he dies. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Death People.

The end.

Frozen French couple are forced to be cremated after their cryongenic freezer brakes.

Tags: Death Future Legal People.

Sixth Extinction.

Earth is losing 50 species of life per day.

Tags: Death Environmental Global warming Life.

Mormon crickets.

Insects that organize into a massive cannibalistic swarm when deprived of food. (via)

Tags: Bugs Death Food.

Dead Man Dancing.

Comatose man given up for dead regains conciousness after life support is turned off and attends his daughter’s wedding.

Tags: Death People Survival Unexplained Weddings.


Incurable disease on a French-controlled island off the coast of Africa has infected 1/5 of the population and is responsible for 77 deaths this week. (via)

Tags: Death Disease Virus.

Parapsychology 101.

Indiana University to offer course in ghost hunting. (via)

Tags: Death Education How-to Unexplained.

We shall never forget.

Delinquent teenage elephants are exacting revenge for poaching that took place in the 70’s and 80’s by attacking humans.

Tags: Animals Death Revenge.


Progressive science that has identified potential technological fixes for ageing that would allow humans to live for hundreds of years.

Tags: Age Controversy Death Research.

Chicken run.

Firefighters armed with rifles run through Florida town slaughtering wild chickens.

Tags: Animals Controversy Death.

Final act.

Terminally-ill director will lay in state as an art exhibit so that he can experience his own funeral while still alive.

Tags: Art Death Disease Health People.


Compound that kills the HIV virus. (via)

Tags: Death Disease Drugs HIV Virus.

Achilles’ knee.

King Tut was felled by a sword injury to his knee. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Death History Pathology Weapons.

Final note.

Scientists discover that dying stars emit a middle C range sound which ultimately causes them to explode.

Tags: Astronomy Death Discovery Sound.

Go to heaven!

Kenyan woman curses God and dies in her sleep.

Tags: Death People Religion Unexplained.

Cold case.

French police conduct a two year murder investigation on the skeleton of a woman and discover that she died almost 600 years ago.

Tags: Crime Death Discovery Murder People Police Woopsie.

Cryonics movement.

Rich people, dubbed cryonauts, are creating trust funds that they can reclaim when their bodies are unfrozen and reanimated in the future. (via)

Tags: Business Death Investment Legal Money People Preservation.

Yellow fever.

Woman killed by a falling banana.

Tags: Bizarre Death Food People.

Profound hypothermia.

Doctors have successfully put pigs into suspended animation. (via)

Tags: Animals Body Death Research Science Survival.


Unidentified animal that ‘looked like something that has been dead for a month’ shot and killed in Texas. (via) UPDATE: Animal identified

Tags: Animals Death Discovery Unexplained.

Iranians I trust.

Osama bin Laden died in December of kidney failure and is buried in Iran. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Death Hearsay People.

Permanent press.

Woman suffocates under 6-foot pile of her own clothes. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Clothing Death People Phone.

Dead woman watching.

Ohio woman has been sitting in front of her TV dead for 2 ½ years.

Tags: Bizarre Death People TV.

Dead woman displaying.

Canadian woman will donate her body for public display after she dies.

Tags: Bizarre Death People.

Kill ’em all.

Secret British documents reveal Churchill wanted Hitler to be electrocuted, Ghandi to be starved. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Death History People War.


Protein discovered that causes plant cells to commit suicide.

Tags: Death Discovery Pathology Plants.

There you are.

Missing Russian patient found mummified under clinic floor. (via)

Tags: Death Discovery People Woopsie.

Body farm.

Iowa professor proposes outdoor body farm to advance the science of forensics studies.

Tags: Death People Research Study.


Man who dies 32 times in 20 minutes survives. (via)

Tags: Death Lucky People Survival.

Dead Body Guy.

Man who wants to play dead for a living. (via)

Tags: Blog Bogus Crime Death Entertainment Marketing Murder Music People TV Web.

Know when to fold ’em.

British man bets that he will die and loses.

Tags: Bizarre Death Gambling Money People.

Dying prohibited.

Brazillian mayor proposing for law making it illegal to die.

Tags: Bizarre Death Govern Legal People.

Instant messenger.

Newborn baby delivers spoken prophecy to South African village.

Tags: Armageddon Death Kids People Unexplained.

Dead drunk.

Bartender sent to prison for mixing a drink that killed a customer. (recipe)

Tags: Alcohol Crime Death Drunk People Punishment.

Divine recall #2.

Priest and parishioner drown during baptism.

Tags: Accident Death Jesus People Religion.

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