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In vitro meat.

PETA is offering one million dollars to the first scientist to produce marketable lab-grown meat.

Tags: Contests Mass production Meat.

You Make It, We Play It.

Advertisement contest that will broadcast the winning entry into outer space.

Tags: Contests Marketing Milestones Space.

Poincaré Conjecture.

Chinese scientists may have won a million dollar prize by proving a previously unsolvable math problem.

Tags: Challenge Contests Math Prizes Problem.

Birthday contests!

Readers of jasonspage: Contests to celebrate the 1 year birthday of this site are going on this week over at the Section J blog. For those who aggregate, you’re in luck. Here’s the feed to the Section J blog.

Tags: Contests jasonspage Money Prizes.


Five of the six numbers from ABC‘s Lost TV drama show up in Irish lottery. (via)

Tags: Contests Culture Lottery Numbers TV.

Dumpster diving.

People are digging through dumpsters to get free airfare. (via)

Tags: Airplanes Contests Crazes eBay People Prizes Travel.

Virgin Galactic.

Fly frequently here on Earth and earn points for trips to outer space.

Tags: Contests Prizes Space Travel.

Welcome to America.

A Kenyan man naturalized as an American wins the lottery the same day he takes his oath of citizenship.

Tags: Contests Lucky Money Nationality People Prizes.

Richie Rich.

Italian schoolboy wins lottery.

Tags: Contests Kids Money People Prizes.


Croatia has launched an Internet-based reality show that stars sheep instead of people.

Tags: Animals Bizarre Contests Crazes Culture Parody.


Man hits a hole-in-one on a mulligan ball and is refused the $10,000 hole prize award.

Tags: Contests Decline Golf Money People Prizes Protest Sports.

Tossed salad.

Inmates win vegetable growing competition at local fair.

Tags: Bizarre Contests Food People Prison Prizes.

Making a splash.

The sport of ‘dive-bombingholds its world championships in Germany.

Tags: Contests Sports Water.

Simply Fired.

Man fired for eating pizza.

Tags: Boss Contests Fired Food People Search Web Workplace.


World ‘air guitar’ champion crowned in Finland.

Tags: Contests Culture Hard rock Music People Prizes World.

Unfortunate fate.

A few million reasons to just say no.

Tags: Busted Caught Contests Crime Drugs Money People Prison Prizes.

Not armed or dangerous.

Radio station stunt that had three listeners dress like escaped inmates trying to hitch a ride backfired when dozens of ‘terrified’ motorists called 911.

Tags: Bogus Contests Fear Marketing Mistakes Parody Prank Prison Woopsie.

Don’t quit your day job.

Shot putter who missed world qualifier due to flight mix-up instead enters javelin qualifier and loses big time.

Tags: Challenge Contests Embarrassing Games Humor Mistakes People Sports Woopsie.


Indian mascots not allowed to attend the Big Dance.

Tags: Basketball Contests Culture Games Language Politics Prevention Sports.

Woo hoo! Doh!

Florida Lotto to woman: $250,000 winning ticket was a misprint. (via)

Tags: Accident Bogus Contests Decline Discovery Mistakes Money People Protest Woopsie.

Help a brother out.

John Mayer to fans: ‘Finish my song‘.

Tags: Art Celebrity Challenge Contests Entertainment Music.

Gettin’ facial.

Stop shaving now if you want to compete in this year’s World Beard and Moustache Championships. (via)

Tags: Contests His Shaving.

And the winner is?

Free airfare prize actually ends up being more expensive than if the winner had just purchased the tickets themselves. (via)

Tags: Contests Decline Money Taxes Travel.

Redneck Games X.

People were going, `There’s the bobbing-for-pigs-feet champion!‘”

Tags: Alcohol Animals Cars Challenge Contests Culture Food Games Humor NASCAR Redneck.

Win 100 grand.

Nobody would watch and listen for two hours for a candy bar.”

Tags: Contests Legal Mistakes.

Miss Piggy.

A contest that is needing an image makeover.

Tags: Beauty pageant Contests Hers Language.

Miss con.

Brazil announces its 2005 prison pageant winner.

Tags: Beauty pageant Contests Hers Photos Prison.

You will live in happiness, too.

Lucky boy wins a Golden Ticket.

Tags: Contests Culture Movies.

Not once, but twice.

Pennsylvania woman wins $1 million lotto for the second time this year.

Tags: Contests Lucky Money.


A good problem to have.

Tags: Contests Money.

Test your mettle.

A stone beats scissors, scissors beat paper, and paper beats stone.

Tags: Contests Games.

Go blow.

Be the first to own this jar of celebrity air, which may contain air molecules that came in direct contact with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Tags: Business Contests Culture Ideas Money People.

Do the chickens have large talons?

Spelling Bee contestant slips in Napoleon Dynamite reference.

Tags: Contests Culture Entertainment Humor Movies.

Lucky last words.

A story of love and the lottery.

Tags: Contests Money.

Lift off.

You can 7 UP your way into space.

Tags: Contests Space.


Show ’em your metal face.

Tags: Contests Entertainment Music.


A fun, long way to win a car.

Tags: Cars Contests.


I have *almost* finished the redesign of this site for the CSS Reboot. Show your support and give me a vote.

Tags: Contests CSS jasonspage Web Web Design.

Versus Shaq.

I can’t believe this didn’t get any attention back at the start of the NBA season. (via)

Tags: Basketball Contests People Sports.

Seriously, John Edwards?

Enter your vote for the Greatest American and comment about the talent pool over on their blog. (via)

Tags: Contests Culture People.

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