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Slim Fit 20.

Pantyhose treated with caffeine micro capsules that increase the burning of fat and reduce cellulite and the “orange peel” effect. (via)

Tags: Clothing Hers Products Weight loss.

Electrochromic polymer films.

Clothing that can blend into any background at the flip of a switch.

Tags: Clothing Future.

Jigga what?

Damon Wayans is trying to trademark the word ‘Nigga’. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Clothing Controversy Language Patent People.

Healthcare associated infections.

British Medical Association advises against doctors wearing neckties as they harbor germs which kill 5000 patients annually.

Tags: Clothing Hygiene Organizations Workplace.


Machine that washes, dries, and irons clothes. (via)

Tags: Clothing Design Inventions.

Aqua AWD-AQ1.

Waterless washing machine that converts air to ozone which oxidizes bacteria from clothing.

Tags: Clothing Eco-friendly Recycling Water.

Naked Rambler Strikes Back.

Naked Rambler, the man who showed up to his public indecency trial naked, has violated his parole by not wearing any clothes as he walked out of prison.

Tags: Busted Clothing Crime Followup Parole violation People Prison.

Permanent press.

Woman suffocates under 6-foot pile of her own clothes. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Clothing Death People Phone.

Naked Rambler.

Man defending charges of being naked in public shows up to court naked.

Tags: Clothing Culture Irony Legal People.

Hat head.

St Thomas man has not taken off his hat for 20 years. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Clothing People.


Introducing: skirts for men UPDATE: Sorry, link to news story is broken.

Tags: Clothing His.

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