Category: Chemistry

Atomic number 118.

Scientists have created a new element in the lab.

Tags: Chemistry Lab Matter.

Iron VI.

Chemists discover an extremely reactive new species of iron. (via)

Tags: Chemistry Discovery Metals.

Vacuum pyrolysis.

Vaporizing technique that would allow astronauts to extract oxygen from lunar rocks. (via)

Tags: Chemistry Moon Research Space.

Halogenated natural products.

Chemists discover how nature creates medicine.

Tags: Chemistry Discovery Medicine.


Scientists discover two new forms of ice.

Tags: Chemistry Discovery.

Double crystal fusion.

Researchers have successfully produced tabletop fusion at room temperature.

Tags: Chemistry Milestones Physics.


Researchers have used oscillating sound waves to produce a shock wave that can induce nuclear fusion. (via)

Tags: Chemistry Energy Engineering Science Sound.

Critical slowdown.

Researchers have finally created a mathematical model that will simulate matter changing phases. (via)

Tags: Chemistry Math Matter Milestones Research Science.

Porous liquid.

Scientists are trying to create liquid with holes in it.

Tags: Challenge Chemistry Water.

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