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Insight meditation.

Researchers discover that meditation changes the structure of the brain. (via)

Tags: Brain Change Discovery.

Diverging diamond interchange.

Unorthodox road design will temporarily put Kansas City drivers on the left side of the road.

Tags: Cars Change Design.

Color of the Cross.

Movie that will portray Jesus as a black man.

Tags: Change Culture History Jesus Movies Religion.


Scientists have turned fish sperm cells into eggs.

Tags: Change Fish Sex.


Ingredient found in suntan oil is making male fish turn female. (via)

Tags: Change Discovery Fish Products Sex.


Thai man busted in Singapore for dealing drugs escapes caning by getting a sex change.

Tags: Busted Change Crime Drugs Hers His Legal People Sex.

Paradigm shift.

Bangalore to be renamed Bengaluru. (via)

Tags: Change Language.

Kicking the oil habit.

Iceland is moving permanently away from gasoline for its fuel needs. (via)

Tags: Change Energy Gas Nationality Social responsibility.

Winds of change.

Texas grocery chain to use wind energy to power all of its electrical needs.

Tags: Business Change Eco-friendly Energy Food.

Water closet.

Brazilian city may require transvestite bathrooms.

Tags: Change Culture Hers His.

One solution.

Iran suggests that Israel be relocated to Alaska.

Tags: Change Controversy Nationality Religion.

Off kilter.

North Pole’s magnetic field is moving towards Siberia.

Tags: Change Environmental.

Mr. Floatie.

Canadian mascot fashioned as a piece of poo is running for mayor. UPDATE: The turd is backing out. (via)

Tags: Change Environmental Humor Organizations Politics Pollution Propaganda Protest Waste Water.

Keep the change.

Bank of America offering new debit card program that rounds up purchases to the next dollar and invests the difference in a bank-matching account. (via)

Tags: Business Change Ideas Investment Marketing Money.

Truth in Age Act.

A bill is being debated that, if passed, will date the lives of all Americans from conception, making everyone 9 months older. (via)

Tags: Change Legal Politics.

Sir Henry Neville.

Book claims that Shakespeare‘s plays and verse were written by another person.

Tags: Books Change Culture History Language People Publishing.


Catholic Church: Parts of the Bible are not actually true. (via)

Tags: Books Change Organizations Propaganda Religion.

Rest in mulch.

Town in Sweden to begin freeze-drying their dead. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Change Culture Death Environmental Ideas Milestones Recycling.


British university is offering a degree in searching for extraterrestrial life beyond Earth.

Tags: Change Education Learning Milestones Research Study UFO Unexplained.

Dry campus.

Siena College in New York bans the drinking of any kind of beverage in a container on campus. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Beer Change Coffee Education Politics Security Water.

CSI Britney.

Britney Spears to quit her music and pursue career in forensic science.

Tags: Celebrity Change Education Music People.


A reverse search engine that allows consumers to publicly advertise the products they are seeking and for the marketers of these products to reach them. (via)

Tags: Change Marketing Products Relationships Search Web.


A new Web service currently in alpha that lets you send emails with your voice. (via)

Tags: Change Email Improvements Technology Web.


Using the principles of ‘fluid mechanics‘, a frustrated college engineer creates a beer tap design which improves keg yield by 30% and pours four times faster than a conventional tap. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Beer Business Change Design Ideas Improvements People.


Web startup aims to be ‘the product lending library for the world’. (via)

Tags: Change Culture Ideas Marketing Products Resources Web World.

M.S. Interactive Entertainment.

University of Central Florida starts video game graduate school program. (via)

Tags: Change Culture Education Resources Video Games.

Say ‘Mmm’.

Smiling to be banned on all British passports. (via)

Tags: Change Photos.

The old days.

Antique gas station pumps in Vermont unable to display gas prices at $2.99 and higher are forced to shut down.

Tags: Antiques Business Change Gas Money.

Too late.

Innocent maid criminally convicted and executed in 1945 posthumously pardoned in Georgia.

Tags: Change Crime Culture Death Forgiven Legal Mistakes Murder People Prison Punishment.

F-ing limit.

School in England allowing students to swear at teachers a maximum of five times per lesson.

Tags: Change Culture Education Language.

Iced coffee.

A nice, cold cup o’ joe. (via)

Tags: Change Coffee Products.


Man transforms himself into a cat via extreme plastic surgery. (via)

Tags: Animals Bizarre Change People Pets Surgery Tattoo.

Poetic lysinse.

Pissed off artist reluctantly corrects her misspellings on murals she created for the Livermore public library in San Francisco. (via)

Tags: Accident Art Caught Change Discovery Education Ego Embarrassing Followup Humor Language Mistakes People Woopsie.

Sans crusts.

Invisible Crust, the ‘world’s first‘ crust-less bread, goes on sale in the U.K.

Tags: Business Change Culture Food Ideas Kids Products Research.


Knock the world off its axis next year during World Jump Day. (via)

Tags: Change Culture Day Ideas People World.

They are a-changing.

TV Guide to cut price and go full-size.

Tags: Change Culture Entertainment Magazines TV.

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