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To boldly go.

Two men are trying to travel from Alaska to Miami by personal watercraft. (via)

Tags: Challenge People Record breakers Travel Watercraft.

Poincaré Conjecture.

Chinese scientists may have won a million dollar prize by proving a previously unsolvable math problem.

Tags: Challenge Contests Math Prizes Problem.

Project RUSH.

Man has designed a crossbow to launch his homemade rocket 20 miles into the air.

Tags: Challenge People.

One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge.

Foundation offering a million dollar reward for anyone who can demonstrate a paranormal event. (via)

Tags: Challenge Money Unexplained.

Terra firma, terra firma.

Two men cross the Bering Strait on foot. UPDATE: Russian authorities have detained them.

Tags: Challenge People Survival.

World wide waste.

North Dakota boy is attempting to print the entire Internet on paper. (via)

Tags: Challenge Kids Web.

Billion Souls Initiative.

Pastors planning 5 million new churches worldwide in 10 years.

Tags: Challenge Numbers Religion World.

DNA bridge.

Singapore to build a bridge in the double-helix shape of DNA.

Tags: Build Challenge Design DNA.

Porous liquid.

Scientists are trying to create liquid with holes in it.

Tags: Challenge Chemistry Water.

Burden of proof.

Italian judge orders priest to prove that Jesus Christ existed. (via)

Tags: Challenge History Jesus Legal People Religion.

Kryoryctes cadburyi.

Newly discovered dinosaur-era mammal named after chocolate maker. (via)

Tags: Animals Business Candy Challenge Discovery.

Genesis all over again.

Dutch businessman is building a scaled-down version of Noah’s Ark.

Tags: Build Challenge People Religion Too much free time.


Japanese machine to dig to the center of the Earth. (via)

Tags: Challenge Earthquake Milestones Research Study.

Click wars.

Website that lets you showcase your mouse-clicking skills. (via)

Tags: Challenge Culture Ego Web.


One of the hottest new sports around: peanut balancing. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Challenge Food Sports.


Man creates colored bubbles. (via)

Tags: Challenge Discovery Ideas Make People Products Science Synthetics.

Break ’em off some.

New Zealand man wants your liposuctioned fat to power his sailboat around the earth. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Challenge Ego People Sailing Too much free time Weight loss.

Good trade.

Canadian man hoping to trade a paperclip for a house.

Tags: Challenge Culture People Trading.

Lady bird.

Argentine woman lived in nest for one year.

Tags: Bizarre Challenge Ego People Too much free time.

Against the grain.

Woman to try and break record for sailing around the world against the wind.

Tags: Challenge Ego Guinness People Record breakers Sailing Too much free time.


Scientists have built a single-molecule car that is ‘slightly wider than a strand of DNA. (via)

Tags: Build Cars Challenge Milestones Nanotechnology Science.

In search of sasquatch.

Maine scientist offering $1 million reward for a photo that leads to the live capture of Bigfoot. (via)

Tags: Bigfoot Caught Challenge Cryptozoology People Photos Prizes.


Texas corporation will have online gaming competitions with trips to space as winning prizes. (via)

Tags: Business Challenge Games Marketing Prizes Space Travel Video Games.

College try.

MIT students recreate ArchimedesDeath Ray and successfully burn a hole in a ship. (via)

Tags: Build Challenge Education Fire History Make People Research Sailing Study.

President of the Internet.

Anyone can run for President of the Internet. (via)

Tags: Challenge Ego Google Govern Humor Ideas Parody Politics Search Web.

World wide rewrite.

Magazine writer puts an intentionally error-laden article on Wikipedia and lets the community make corrections. (via)

Tags: Challenge Improvements Magazines Publishing Web World.


Draw a random object that you’re given and display your skills at drawmesomething.com. (via)

Tags: Art Challenge Web.

Ratings booster.

Dutch man to take heroin and LSD live on TV. (via)

Tags: Challenge Culture Drugs People TV.

Egg man.

Man from Colorado sets record by standing 439 eggs on their end. (via)

Tags: Challenge Guinness Milestones People.

Calling all Pete’s.

A man named Pete is looking for 1999 other “Pete’s” to join him in the Guiness Book of World Records. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Challenge Ego Ideas Milestones People Web.

Human cannonball.

Man enters the United States after being shot out of a cannon from Tijuana. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Challenge People Travel.

Painters needed.

Woman painting her car with nail polish wants your help. (via)

Tags: Art Cars Challenge Ideas People Wanted.

“Google quiz”.

Test your knowledge of searching Google. (via)

Tags: Challenge Geek Google How-to Learning Resources Search Web.

It’s a tumor.

Man lifts 14 bricks with his ‘horn’.

Tags: Bizarre Challenge Disease Health People.

I was running!

Man plans to make like Forrest Gump and run across the United States.

Tags: Challenge Culture Entertainment Fitness Ideas Movies People.

10 MPH.

A man rides from Seattle to Boston on a Segway and a filmmaker will be capturing it all. (via)

Tags: Challenge Culture Entertainment Ideas Movies People Travel.


Protestor cartwheeling from Brighton to London.

Tags: Art Challenge Environmental People Preservation Prevention Protest.


South Korean man who played video games for 50 hours straight dies of heart failure.

Tags: Challenge Death Games People Video Games.

Don’t quit your day job.

Shot putter who missed world qualifier due to flight mix-up instead enters javelin qualifier and loses big time.

Tags: Challenge Contests Embarrassing Games Humor Mistakes People Sports Woopsie.


Man to visit every Starbucks in the world.

Tags: Challenge Coffee Ideas Milestones People World.

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