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Aaron Kosminski.

Polish barber that a detective of the day claims was Jack the Ripper.

Tags: Book Celebrity Crime Discovery History People Unsolved mysteries.

Dianetics Racing Team.

Church of Scientology to start a NASCAR racing team.

Tags: Celebrity Controversy NASCAR Propaganda Religion.


Technology used to recreate what Mona Lisa’s voice sounded like. (via)

Tags: Art Celebrity People Sound Technology.

Cell Track-ID.

Technique that can amplify genetic information from single strands of DNA may prove that Jack the Ripper was a woman.

Tags: Celebrity DNA History People Technology Unexplained.


Kidnappers have taken the Pillsbury Doughboy and are threatening to bake him. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Protest Theft.

Viewing hours.

Egyptian tycoon wants to be mummified and attached to the arm of a clock after he dies. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Death People.

Ararat anomaly.

Man who has been searching for Noah’s Ark for 13 years may be close to finding it. (via)

Tags: Celebrity History People Religion Sailing.


Soviet Union ordered the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II. (via)

Tags: Celebrity History Nationality People Secret.

Mikulicz’s syndrome.

Shakespeare apparently died from a rare eye cancer. (via)

Tags: Art Books Celebrity Disease Eye People.

Gospel of Judas.

Apocryphal manuscript to be published around Easter in which Jesus forgives Judas.

Tags: Books Celebrity Controversy History Jesus People Publishing Religion.

Jigga what?

Damon Wayans is trying to trademark the word ‘Nigga’. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Clothing Controversy Language Patent People.

Mayan Long Count.

Former major leaguer says that the world will end on December 21, 2012.

Tags: Armageddon Baseball Bizarre Celebrity People.

For all the little O.G’s.

Gangsta rap coloring book. (via)

Tags: Books Celebrity Culture Hip Hop.

Check my cell phone.

Man who scaled the White House fence last month looking for Chelsea Clinton says that George Bush told him to do it.

Tags: Bizarre Celebrity People Punishment.

Achilles’ knee.

King Tut was felled by a sword injury to his knee. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Death History Pathology Weapons.

Eternal City.

Plans discovered for Berlin to be rebuilt in the likeness of St. Peter’s Square after Hitler conquered the world. (via)

Tags: Build Celebrity History People Secret War.

Good trade.

In exchange for early prison release, Pope John Paul‘s would-be assassin offered go to Afghanistan, infiltrate al-Qaeda and capture Osama bin Laden. (via)

Tags: Celebrity People Prison Special Ops.

Iranians I trust.

Osama bin Laden died in December of kidney failure and is buried in Iran. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Death Hearsay People.

Kill ’em all.

Secret British documents reveal Churchill wanted Hitler to be electrocuted, Ghandi to be starved. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Death History People War.

No need for Bruce Willis.

Scientists plan to divert asteroids from hitting Earth by spraying paint on them.

Tags: Asteroids Astronomy Celebrity Movies Paint.

Face recognition.

Web site where you can upload your photo and find out which celebrity you look like. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Ego Photos Technology Web.


Willie Nelson has his own line of alternative diesel fuel. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Eco-friendly Environmental Gas People Plants.

The beat goes on.

Polish monk wants to play recordings of Pope John Paul II’s heartbeat at midnight mass.

Tags: Bizarre Celebrity People Religion.

Be like Larry.

Prisoner gets additional years added on to his time so that his overall sentence matches Larry Bird’s jersey.

Tags: Basketball Bizarre Celebrity Ego People Punishment Sports.

Will I get it?

Brazilian psychic is claiming that the United States owes him the $25 million reward for providing the hiding place of Saddam Hussein.

Tags: Celebrity Controversy Discovery Legal Money People Unexplained War.

Have you seen Kenny?

Web site for men who look like Kenny Rogers. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Country Music People Photos Too much free time Web.

Yo Rocko.

eBay: You can bid on the 10-foot bronze statue of the Italian Stallion that was created for the Rocky III movie. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Culture eBay Movies People.

CSI Britney.

Britney Spears to quit her music and pursue career in forensic science.

Tags: Celebrity Change Education Music People.

Niche market.

Giving the paperwork a little pizzazz: JustToiletPaper.com. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Culture Humor Hygiene Online shopping Parody People Politics Products Web.

My buddy.

Governor Jeb Bush has an imaginary friend he calls ‘Chang’. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Celebrity People Politics.

Pricelessly awful.

The ‘Chuck says, Rufus says, Kathy says‘ hilarity that was R. Kelly‘s live performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Celebrity Embarrassing Entertainment Humor Music People TV Video.


Ted Nugent is offering his hunting skills to protect Manitoba from bears.

Tags: Animals Celebrity Deadly Death Hunting Music People Preservation Prevention Security Survival.

Challenge Darth Vader.

Flash game: Darth Vader uses the force to read your mind. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Culture Entertainment Flash games Movies People Star Wars.

I pity the fool.

Mr T to reprise his role as Clubber Lang in the upcoming Rocky 6. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Culture Entertainment Movies People.


Explaining and understanding the equation E = mc2. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Culture Math People Physics Science Space.

Bye bye, head over heels.

Tom Cruise‘s loverboy tirade on Oprah earlier this year has spawned a new word/concept that is beginning to enter the lexicon: jumping on couches. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Culture Language People.

Slam dunked.

Mascot Hall of Fame inaugurates its first class, which does not include Mickey Mouse or Ronald McDonald. (via)

Tags: Baseball Basketball Cartoons Celebrity Culture Entertainment Food Mascots Milestones Sports Theme parks.

The one.

Play the six degrees to Kevin Bacon game online. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Entertainment Games Movies People.

How about just ‘Sean Combs’?

Sean “Puffy” Combs, aka “Puff Daddy“, aka “P Diddy“, now is just Diddy. (via)

Tags: Celebrity Language People.

Mist it.

John Daly tries, and fails, to hit golf ball across Niagara Falls.

Tags: Celebrity Challenge Golf Ideas People Sports.

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