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Air car.

Automobile that runs on compressed air.

Tags: Cars Green.


Windshield designed with nanotechnology will require no cleaning or wipers.

Tags: Cars Nanotechnology.

NAFTA Super Highway.

Highway extending from Mexico to Canada to be constructed through the middle of the U.S. that will be four football fields wide. (via)

Tags: Cars Commerce Highway NAFTA.

Intermittent Explosive Disorder.

Clinical term for the mental disorder suffered by 16 million Americans that is known as road rage. (via)

Tags: Anger Cars Disease Disorder Driving Mental.

Intelligent Speed Adaptation.

Speed-limiting technology being tested that will force an automobile engine going faster than the speed limit to automatically slow down. (via)

Tags: Cars Safety Study.

Intelligent safety systems.

System that will change an automobile’s shape during a crash to better absorb the impact. (via)

Tags: Cars Design Safety.

Mazda RX-9.

Concept car exhibiting some new technologies including an exterior skin that captures static electricity and channels it back to the batteries.

Tags: Cars Future Technology.


Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transport. (via)

Tags: Cars Design Eco-friendly.


Business that will chauffeur you around in a jet converted into a limosine.

Tags: Airplanes Business Cars.


Concept truck designed to serve as both a vehicle and residence. (via)

Tags: Cars Design Future.

Vega Jet.

2003 Volkwagen Jetta TDI converted to run on straight vegetable oil.

Tags: Cars Eco-friendly How-to.

Saab BioPower Hybrid 9-3 convertible.

World’s first fossil fuel-free convertible concept automobile.

Tags: Cars Eco-friendly.

Diverging diamond interchange.

Unorthodox road design will temporarily put Kansas City drivers on the left side of the road.

Tags: Cars Change Design.


Ventilated seats in cars improve passenger comfort and increase gas mileage.

Tags: Cars Gas Happiness Improvements Research.


Electric sedan with top speed of 230 miles per hour that has eight wheels. (via)

Tags: Cars.

Loremo LS.

Car that gets 157 miles per gallon. (via)

Tags: Cars Gas Improvements.

Nissan Terranaut.

Concept SUV designed as a mobile working environment complete with science laboratory and integrated computer keyboard.

Tags: Cars Design.


Car that is also an airplane. (via)

Tags: Airplanes Business Cars Design.

Personal car communicator .

System that alerts drivers if there is someone hiding in the back seat of their car. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Cars Culture Fear Ideas Security Technology.

Honda FCX.

Hydrogen concept car gets green light for production.

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Tags: Cars Eco-friendly Environmental.

Park Mate.

Driver assistance device that detects a parking space and then parks the car. (via)

Tags: Cars Measure Technology.

Here lies BMW.

Ohio man buries his car to collect insurance.

Tags: Bogus Busted Cars Crime Insurance People Prison Punishment.

The little cam that could.

British speed camera on pace to average $10,000 an hour in fines for speeding drivers it catches.

Tags: Big brother Cars Caught Money Technology.

Peace out.

British driver banned one year from driving for flashing the “V-sign” at a speed camera. (via)

Tags: Busted Cars Legal People.

Not for sale. Not for free.

Man forced to protect his Corvette that was falsely advertised as being free by someone else on Craigslist.

Tags: Bogus Cars Crime Web.

You asked for it.

Bank robber uses getaway car with vanity plates that say “FINDME.

Tags: Cars Caught Crime Getaway Irony People Robbery.


Gasoline pills that increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. (via)

Tags: Cars Eco-friendly Gas Improvements Products.

2006 Nissan Urge.

Nissan concept car to include a built-in Xbox 360 gaming system.

Tags: Cars Culture Video Games.

Scratch Guard Coat.

Nissan develops self-healing automotive paint. (via)

Tags: Cars Improvements Paint.

Deja vu.

Prisoner escapes after posing as his identical twin brother.

Tags: Crime Escape Getaway Mistakes People Prison Woopsie.


Parking ticket issued for car with dead owner inside.

Tags: Body Cars Death Discovery People.


Scientists have built a single-molecule car that is ‘slightly wider than a strand of DNA. (via)

Tags: Build Cars Challenge Milestones Nanotechnology Science.

Fumes-to-Fuel technology.

Automotive plant recycles harmful paint fumes into electricity. (via)

Tags: Cars Energy Recycling.

All five fingers.

Singapore launches the ‘Singapore Road Wave‘, a behavior modification campaign aimed at reducing road rage incidents among motorists.

Tags: Cars Culture Marketing Propaganda.

Jedi mind trick.

Hypnotist in Moldova has stolen ‘tens of thousands of dollars’ by hypnotizing bank tellers.

Tags: Bizarre Brain Crime Getaway Magic Money People Robbery Unexplained.

Disappearing act.

Dead woman found in wrecked vehicle one day after the accident. (via)

Tags: Accident Cars Death Mistakes Woopsie Wrecks.

Honest crook.

Man robs coffee stand then pays for coffee with the stolen money.

Tags: Bizarre Coffee Crime Getaway Money People Theft Wanted.

Cruise control.

Cars that will automatically issue a ticket every time the vehicle exceeds the speed limit. (via)

Tags: Big brother Busted Cars Caught Gadgets Prevention Technology.

New car high.

Warning: ‘New car smellis produced by harmful chemicals called volatile organic compounds. (via)

Tags: Cars Culture Discovery Health Smell.

Stuck in gear.

Wannabe car-jacker that could only drive an automatic stalls out when stolen vehicle turns out to be a stick shift.

Tags: Busted Cars Caught Crime Getaway Irony Mistakes People Theft Woopsie.

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