Category: Cancer

Kanzius machine.

Man invents machine that kills cancer with radio waves.

Tags: Cancer Machines.

Nano-engineered gel.

Researchers have engineered a gel that regenerates severed spinal cord fibers.

Tags: Cancer Nanotechnology Stem cells.


Researchers have designed a nanomachine that releases anticancer drugs directly into cancer cells.

Tags: Cancer Disease Medicine Milestones Nanostructures Nanotechnology Research.

SATB1 gene.

Scientists identify gene that is responsible for causing breast cancer to metastasize.

Tags: Cancer Genes Research.

Photoacoustic detection.

Technique that allows scientists to detect skin cancer by hearing it.

Tags: Cancer Laser Research Sound.


Procedure that stops the progression of liver cancer by injecting patients with millions of glass beads. (via)

Tags: Cancer Research Technology.


Robotic arm that uses x-rays to precisely deliver radiation to tumors and avoid surrounding healthy tissues.

Tags: Cancer Chemotherapy Robots Treatment Tumors.


Technique of using bubbles to block oxygen flow to tumors. (via)

Tags: Bubbles Cancer Disease Research Tumors.


Substance being used to treat brain cancer is developed from radioactive scorpion venom. (via)

Tags: Cancer Clinical trials Discovery Treatment Venom.


Lotion that quickly repairs the DNA in sunburn-damaged skin.

Tags: Cancer DNA Lotion Products Skin Sunburn Suntan.


Scientists discover a protein that when disrupted triggers the onset of leukemia. (via)

Tags: Cancer Discovery Disease Research.

Selective laser nano-thermolysis.

Scientists use gold nanoparticles to selectively target and destroy leukemia cells in bone marrow. (via)

Tags: Cancer Disease Leukemia Nanotechnology Research Treatment.

Circadian rhythm.

Nighttime exposure to artificial light disrupts melatonin levels in the body which may stimulate the growth of breast tumors. (via)

Tags: Cancer Discovery Light Research Sleep Tumors.

Self-assembling nanoparticle device.

Chemical engineers have developed a high-resolution touch sensor that has a sensitivity comparable to human fingers. (via)

Tags: Cancer Nanotechnology Research Robotics Surgery Technology.

Magnetophoretic control.

Scientists use a magnetic field to control specially-designed nanodrugs and precisely deliver them to tumor cells. (via)

Tags: Cancer Discovery Drugs Health Nanotechnology Treatments.


Amino acid being tested in chewing gum that may absorb oral cancer. (via)

Tags: Cancer Candy Research.


Gene associated with cancer found to have major importance in immune system function. (via)

Tags: Cancer Discovery Genes Irony.

Resistant-cell therapy.

Cells transplanted from a cancer-resistant mouse have cured cancer in normal mice. (via)

Tags: Animals Cancer Cells Research.


Engineered virus that causes brain tumors to eat themselves. (via)

Tags: Bioengineering Cancer Research.

Percutaneous cryoablation.

Technique that destroys kidney tumors by freezing them. (via)

Tags: Cancer.

PEP005 Topical.

Gel in clinical trials that has successfully removed basal cell carcinoma skin cancer. (via)

Tags: Cancer Medicine Study.


Drug designed to protect the body from UV exposure is implanted under the skin and produces a sun-tan. (via)

Tags: Cancer Drugs Skin.

Xenotropic MuLV-related virus.

Researchers have discovered a human retrovirus that originated in rodents.

Tags: Animals Cancer Discovery.


Scientists discover gene responsible for spreading cancer. (via)

Tags: Cancer Discovery Genes.


Active ingredient found in jalapeños causes prostate cancer cells to die.

Tags: Cancer Food Research.

Interferon-producing killer dendritic cell.

Spleen cell in mice that speeds up immune system response and ultimately kills cancer. (via)

Tags: Animals Cancer Discovery Research.

Hypochlorous acid.

Scientists find that the immune system reacts strongly against cancer cells that have been killed with bleach.

Tags: Cancer Discovery Research.

Macromolecular weight.

Technique of making cancer drugs heavier allows them to impact deeper into tumors.

Tags: Cancer Disease Drugs Improvements.

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