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Company offers dog rental service. (via)

Tags: Business Pets.


Seven-Eleven convenience store chain has purchased the rights to the starting time of Chicago White Sox baseball games.

Tags: Baseball Business Marketing Sports.


Mobile service that helps you locate available city parking spaces which you can sell to others when you’re done. (via)

Tags: Business Discovery Mobile Online marketplace Parking Phone Technology Web.

Road energy system.

Company is paving roads with technology that absorbs heat and converts it into usable energy. (via)

Tags: Business Eco-friendly Energy Green Roads Solar power Technology.


Manufacturing process that has allowed Epson to create a high-resolution, flexible electronic paper. (via)

Tags: Business Eink Epaper Materials Paper Technology.

Size matters.

Wendy’s to remove the word ‘Biggie‘ from its menu. (via)

Tags: Business Diet Food Health Language Weight loss.

Northern Lights.

Virgin Galactic plans to operate tourists flights into the Aurora Borealis.

Tags: Business Space Tourism Travel.

Geophysical surveying.

Zeppelin airship is hovering over a desert in Africa searching for diamonds buried in the sand. (via)

Tags: Airship Business Diamonds Searching.

Global Gaming League.

Media company that is in talks with Chinese government about getting video games into the 2008 Olympics as a demo sport. (via)

Tags: Business Olympics Sports Video Games.

Ventria Bioscience.

Company has developed a drug to combat diarrhea by growing rice engineered with human protein.

Tags: Bioengineering Business Controversy Drugs Food Genes Health.

CanSats To Space.

Program that lets you send “soda can” sized payloads into space and back for $99. (via)

Tags: Business Crazes Space.

Pulse electrothermal de-icing.

Technology that uses bursts of electricity to melt ice. (via)

Tags: Business Improvements Technology Water.


Inflatable hotel to be launched into space this year.

Tags: Business Hotel Space.

Kaori Tsushin.

Scent transmission to be added to the movie theatre experience.

Tags: Business Ideas Movies Smell.


Business that will chauffeur you around in a jet converted into a limosine.

Tags: Airplanes Business Cars.

Organic biopesticides.

Pest control using selectively bred microorganisms instead of chemicals to kill bugs.

Tags: Bugs Business Eco-friendly Environmental.


Company offering ‘web on a hard drive‘ where users can search the internet without actually being connected. (via)

Tags: Business Search Web.


Company offering subscribers on-demand home viewing of movies the day they are released on DVD.

Tags: Business Entertainment Movies Video.


Company that operates weightless flights to begin offering them to the general public.

Tags: Airplanes Business Entertainment Space.


General Motors uses the gas produced from rotting garbage in landfills to power seven of its plants. (via)

Tags: Business Gas Recycling.

Apology Act.

British Columbia is passing a law making it legal for people and companies to apologize. (via)

Tags: Business Insurance Legal.

Low intensity laser beams.

Hong Kong company offers tatoos for pet fish. (via)

Tags: Business Fish Laser Pets Tattoo.


Car that is also an airplane. (via)

Tags: Airplanes Business Cars Design.

Corporate branding.

Video surveillance company is requiring RFID chips to be implanted into its employees. (via)

Tags: Big brother Business Controversy Security Technology Workplace.


Service that will put ads on roofs. (via)

Tags: Business eBay Ideas Marketing Propaganda Web.

Inventor’s market.

Patent auctioning may create a new market for ideas as investment class assets.

Tags: Business eBay Ideas Inventions.


Russia is planning to build a mine on the moon to harvest helium-3.

Tags: Build Business Energy Resources Space.

Cryonics movement.

Rich people, dubbed cryonauts, are creating trust funds that they can reclaim when their bodies are unfrozen and reanimated in the future. (via)

Tags: Business Death Investment Legal Money People Preservation.

We are go, Las Cruces.

Rocket Racing League to make world headquarters in New Mexico.

Tags: Business Research Space Sports.

Algae-to-oil race.

Algae used to reduce smokestack emissions has a byproduct of 15,000 gallons of biodiesel per acre. (via)

Tags: Business Eco-friendly Energy Environmental Gas Global warming Technology.

Winds of change.

Texas grocery chain to use wind energy to power all of its electrical needs.

Tags: Business Change Eco-friendly Energy Food.

Dans Le Noir.

London restaurant where blind waiters serve guests who eat in complete darkness.

Tags: Bizarre Business Food.

Airport Pizza.

Alaskan pizza shop delivers orders to remote regions by plane. (via)

Tags: Airplanes Business Food Ideas.

Kryoryctes cadburyi.

Newly discovered dinosaur-era mammal named after chocolate maker. (via)

Tags: Animals Business Candy Challenge Discovery.


Virginia protester has legally changed his name to KentuckyFriedCruelty.com. (via)

Tags: Business People Protest Web.

The environment as a battery.

‘Free’ unlimited energy source developed that draws power from the environment. (via)

Tags: Business Eco-friendly Energy Environmental.


San Francisco offers Christmas tree rentals.

Tags: Business Culture Eco-friendly Ideas.

Never Waste Tree.

Bank issues credit card to a tree.

Tags: Business Culture Discovery Humor Mistakes Money Woopsie.

Coca Sek.

Colombian soft drink competing with Coca-Cola will include a cocaine ingredient.

Tags: Beverages Business Drugs Products.


Swiss group believes that they can make Google eat itself. (via)

Tags: Business Google Ideas Marketing Money Search Web.

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