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Project that builds overpasses and underpasses specially designed to lure wildlife into safely crossing highways. (via)

Tags: Animals Build Preservation Safety.


Italian mafia plans to smuggle cocaine in from Colombia were foiled when they were caught trying to build a submarine.

Tags: Build Caught Crime Drugs.

Autopia Ampere.

German architect wants to use the process of mineral accretion to build a self-assembling city from the sea. (via)

Tags: Build Design Sun Water.

DNA bridge.

Singapore to build a bridge in the double-helix shape of DNA.

Tags: Build Challenge Design DNA.


Russia is planning to build a mine on the moon to harvest helium-3.

Tags: Build Business Energy Resources Space.

Eternal City.

Plans discovered for Berlin to be rebuilt in the likeness of St. Peter’s Square after Hitler conquered the world. (via)

Tags: Build Celebrity History People Secret War.


Italian town is building a giant mirror to give itself some sunlight. (via)

Tags: Build Sun.

Square Kilometre Array.

Europe is building a radio telescope so sensitive that it could ‘pick up tv broadcasts coming from the nearest stars. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Build Space.


The world’s first luxury underwater hotel. (via)

Tags: Build Milestones Water.

Genesis all over again.

Dutch businessman is building a scaled-down version of Noah’s Ark.

Tags: Build Challenge People Religion Too much free time.

King Abdullah Economic City.

Saudi Arabia to build new $26.6 billion city. (via)

Tags: Build Nationality.

Darwin VII.

Scientists have built a robot with brain cells. (via)

Tags: Brain Build Robots.

Shanghai moon.

China to send taikonauts to the moon to build an observatory. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Build Nationality Space.


Scientists have built a single-molecule car that is ‘slightly wider than a strand of DNA. (via)

Tags: Build Cars Challenge Milestones Nanotechnology Science.

College try.

MIT students recreate ArchimedesDeath Ray and successfully burn a hole in a ship. (via)

Tags: Build Challenge Education Fire History Make People Research Sailing Study.

All talk.

The poorly-designed Norwegian Sound and Braille Library ‘is less suited for the visually impaired’ than most other buildings.

Tags: Build Design Irony Mistakes Woopsie.

Murata Boy.

Japanese company has created a robot that can ride a bike.

Tags: Build Design Make Research Robots Technology.

Cold one.

Bar in London has been built entirely out of ice.

Tags: Alcohol Build Business Ideas Make Tavern.

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