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Cataglyphis fortis.

Desert ants that navigate by counting their steps. (via)

Tags: Ants Bugs Discovery Pedometer.


Project that designs robots bio-inspired by the locomotion of lower animal forms has developed a paddle worm robot that can navigate through the gut of a pig.

Tags: Animals Bugs Design Locomotion Research Robots.

Mosquito Repeller Necklace.

Necklace that transmits a sonic frequency that repels mosquitoes. (via)

Tags: Bugs Gadgets Pests.

The Amazing Flygun.

Gun that kills flies. (via)

Tags: Bugs Products Weapons.


Matchbox-sized robot laced with pheromones that can influence the collective behavior of cockroaches. (via)

Tags: Bugs Research Robots.

Artificial compound eye.

Bioengineers used an array of 8700 hexagonal microlenses to successfully mimick the honeycomb pattern of an insect eye.

Tags: Bioengineering Bugs Eye Technology.

Organic biopesticides.

Pest control using selectively bred microorganisms instead of chemicals to kill bugs.

Tags: Bugs Business Eco-friendly Environmental.


Rearing facility that sterilizes 2.7 billion medflies a week and air drops them back into the wild.

Tags: Bugs Pests War.

Hybrid Insect Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems.

DARPA is seeking a contractor to build robot insects that can be remote-controlled.

Tags: Bugs Robots Special Ops.

Polyrhachis sokolova.

Scientists discover swimming ants. (via)

Tags: Bugs Discovery Water.

Transgenic mosquito.

Researchers have engineered mosquitoes to be resistant to infection by dengue fever virus.

Tags: Bioengineering Bugs Virus.

Pavlov’s cockroaches.

Japanese scientists discover that cockroaches have conditioned responses.

Tags: Bugs Discovery Research.

Mormon crickets.

Insects that organize into a massive cannibalistic swarm when deprived of food. (via)

Tags: Bugs Death Food.

Cellulosic ethanol.

Usuable energy produced cheaply and easily from farm waste digested in termite guts.

Tags: Bugs Eco-friendly Energy Gas Recycling.

Lateral gene transfer.

Biologists discover that a toxin shared between spider venom and a bacterium is the result of an unknown evolutionary exchange.

Tags: Bugs Discovery Evolution Genes Research Unexplained.

Dactylopius coccus costa.

Insect that is ground up and used as red dye in food and cosmetics.

Tags: Bugs Food Products.

Tandem running.

Ants learn how to find food by being taught by other ants.

Tags: Bugs Food Learning Survival.


Japanese roaches have been surgically implanted with ‘micro-robotic backpacks’ that control their movements. (via)

Tags: Bugs Robots Technology.

Drosophila melanogangsters.

Harvard research program dubbed Fruit Fly Fight Club pits fruit flies fighting against one another, with video. (via)

Tags: Bugs Education Research Study Video.

Anti-freezing fleas.

Canadian snow fleas found to contain proteins that lower the freezing point of liquids.

Tags: Bugs Discovery Research Science Study.

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