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Protein discovered that allows scientists to observe the human brain react to experience in real time. (via)

Tags: Brain Discovery Neurons Protein.

Neuromotor prosthesis.

Computer that detects brain signals allows paralysis victims to control actions with their mind. (via)

Tags: Brain Computer Future Mind control Paralysis Technology.

Predecessor cells.

Researchers identify the very first neurons that are responsible for developing the cerebral cortex. (via)

Tags: Brain Cognition Discovery Genes.

Mu-opioid receptors.

Pleasure receptors concentrated in an area of the brain involved with comprehension may be an evolutionary reward mechanism for learning new concepts. (via)

Tags: Brain Concepts Discovery Evolution Learning.

High-resolution time-frequency analysis.

Mathematicians create an algorithm that is able to process sound frequencies on par with the human brain. (via)

Tags: Analysis Brain Math Sound.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Researchers find that exposing the brain to electromagnetic fields makes ordinary people capable of extraordinary feats of mental agility.

Tags: Brain Discovery Energy Memory Research.

Beta-amyloid injections.

Researchers develop a vaccine of white blood cells sensitized to Alzheimer’s proteins that reverses memory loss in mice.

Tags: Alzheimer's Animals Brain Disease Memory Vaccine.

Brain Machine Interface.

Technology has been developed that allows humans to control robots with their brains. (via)

Tags: Brain Future Robots Technology.

Ryk receptor.

Molecule identified that is instrumental in connecting both sides of the brain. (via)

Tags: Brain Discovery Research.


Sleeping drug that is allowing patients to temporarily wake up from a permanent vegetative state. (via)

Tags: Brain Drugs Injury Unexplained.

Insight meditation.

Researchers discover that meditation changes the structure of the brain. (via)

Tags: Brain Change Discovery.

Blue Brain Project.

Project that uses a supercomputer to map the electro-chemical interactions of the brain. (via)

Tags: Brain Computers Research.

Concept vectors.

Researchers identify how we encode strings of words to give meaning to the abstract concepts of life.

Tags: Brain Language Memory Perception Research.


Experimental drug that binds to neurons in the brain and stops the impairing effects of being drunk. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Brain Drugs Drunk Research.

Brain Port.

Device that allows a user to process sonar information with their tongue.

Tags: Brain Future Technology.

Mind-machine interface.

Neural technology is being developed that will allow video gamers to control action with their minds. (via)

Tags: Brain Technology Video Games.

Laterodorsal tegmental nucleus.

Scientists discover the gateway to the pleasure center of the brain.

Tags: Brain Discovery Research.


Scientists discover area of the brain responsible for poor math skills. (via)

Tags: Brain Discovery Math.

Hyperthymestic syndrome.

Condition that a woman in California has in which she remembers almost every detail of her life.

Tags: Brain People Study.

Mental typewriter.

Technology that allows users to move the cursor on a computer screen and type sentences with their brain. (via)

Tags: Brain Future Technology User.

Functional magnetic resonance imaging.

Brain-scanning technolgy that detects lying may soon be admissible as evidence in courts of law.

Tags: Brain Legal Technology.


Experimental surgery has left man ‘in a mental time warp where TV is always a new invention and Truman is forever president. (via)

Tags: Brain Health Mental People Research Surgery.

Foreign accent syndrome.

American woman who suffered a stroke now has a British accent.

Tags: Bizarre Brain Injury Nationality People.

Venus effect.

Humans do not understand mirror reflections. (via)

Tags: Brain Perception.


Scientists have created mice from human brain cells.

Tags: Animals Brain Research Science.

Darwin VII.

Scientists have built a robot with brain cells. (via)

Tags: Brain Build Robots.

Jedi mind trick.

Hypnotist in Moldova has stolen ‘tens of thousands of dollars’ by hypnotizing bank tellers.

Tags: Bizarre Brain Crime Getaway Magic Money People Robbery Unexplained.

Horse doping.

Australian forensic lab worker allegedly stole human brains and injected them into racehorses to make them run faster.

Tags: Animals Bizarre Brain Discovery People.

Rat racers.

Remote-controlled rats with electrodes implanted in their brains can sniff for bombs or crawl through debris and look for people in search-and-rescue missions. (via)

Tags: Animals Brain Ideas Rescue Research Smell Study Technology.

Maim that tune.

Counteract the tune that you have stuck in your head with an even catchier tune using the Maimograph Machine. (via)

Tags: Brain Culture Humor Music Resources Web.

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