Category: Body

Pierced Glasses.

Eyewear that is mounted to the face by piercing the bridge of the nose.

Tags: Body Eye Vision.

(S+C) x (B+F)/T = V.

Scientist has developed a mathematical formula for assessing the perfect posterior. (via)

Tags: Body Hers Math.

Buttocks worship.

Heart symbol associated with love traces its origins from the curves of the female posterior. (via)

Tags: Body Hers Relationships.

Profound hypothermia.

Doctors have successfully put pigs into suspended animation. (via)

Tags: Animals Body Death Research Science Survival.

Lend me your ears.

Forensic anthropologist to testify in bank robbery case about the accused man’s earlobes.

Tags: Body Legal People Robbery.


Parking ticket issued for car with dead owner inside.

Tags: Body Cars Death Discovery People.

I see dead people.

Outdoor marketing campaign that used people made up to look like they had been murdered.

Tags: Body Bogus Death Deception Marketing Murder.

Unknown soldier.

World War II pilot found frozen in glacier. (via) UPDATE: The body has been identified.

Tags: Body Death Discovery History Preservation War.


Human hands produce light. (via)

Tags: Body Light Science.

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