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Man that lived in a treehouse for two years gets evicted.

Tags: Bizarre People.


South American fish with human-like teeth is caught in a Texas lake. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Discovery Fish Teeth.


Lithuanian pizza chain wants to trademark the scent of pizza.

Tags: Bizarre Food Smell.


Chiropractor claims that he can go back in time and cure you before you were injured.

Tags: Bizarre Health People.


Belief that the entire universe revolves around the Earth. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Ideas Religion.


Man who ‘hears God’s voice‘ claims he has killed the Devil. (via)

Tags: Bizarre People Religion.

Give peas a chance.

British woman‘s worst fear in life is coming across a bag of frozen peas.

Tags: Bizarre Fear Food.

Le Pomme D’Amour.

Tomato cologne. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Products Smell.

Unidentical twins.

Woman gives birth to twin girls: one black and one white. (via)

Tags: Birth Bizarre Kids.

Without a trace.

Myterious tremors felt in Maine last week did not show up on seismic instruments.

Tags: Bizarre Earthquake Unexplained.

Mayan Long Count.

Former major leaguer says that the world will end on December 21, 2012.

Tags: Armageddon Baseball Bizarre Celebrity People.

Psalm 18:2.

Former U.N. weapons inspector believes he was sent by God to find WMD‘s. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Controversy Religion Weapons.

Check my cell phone.

Man who scaled the White House fence last month looking for Chelsea Clinton says that George Bush told him to do it.

Tags: Bizarre Celebrity People Punishment.

Personal car communicator .

System that alerts drivers if there is someone hiding in the back seat of their car. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Cars Culture Fear Ideas Security Technology.

Hearing aid.

Man’s deafness is cured after riding a ski lift. (via)

Tags: Bizarre People Sound Unexplained.

Yellow fever.

Woman killed by a falling banana.

Tags: Bizarre Death Food People.

Imogine lateotentare.

Newly discovered species of predator flatworms that squirt digestive juices into their prey and suck their flesh out.

Tags: Bizarre Deadly Discovery Study.

Eye can see!

Blind woman regains sight after suffering a heart attack.

Tags: Bizarre People Unexplained.

Prince Mongo.

Florida millionaire claims that he is 333 years old and is from the planet Zambodia. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Mental Money People.

It’s not a tumor.

Russian man has human embryo removed from his back. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Discovery People Surgery.


Man attacked for twenty minutes by ‘invisible creatures. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Cryptozoology People Unexplained.

War on fruit.

Banana-shaped toys have been banned in Bulgaria. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Nationality Toys.

The Impaler.

Vampire is running for governor of Minnesota. (via)

Tags: Bizarre People Politics Propaganda.

Invisible man.

Chinese man unable to be photographed. (via)

Tags: Bizarre People Photos Unexplained.

Permanent press.

Woman suffocates under 6-foot pile of her own clothes. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Clothing Death People Phone.

Dead woman watching.

Ohio woman has been sitting in front of her TV dead for 2 ½ years.

Tags: Bizarre Death People TV.

Theoretical square law.

Scientist swims in syrup for science. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Physics Research Science Water.

Dead woman displaying.

Canadian woman will donate her body for public display after she dies.

Tags: Bizarre Death People.

Dans Le Noir.

London restaurant where blind waiters serve guests who eat in complete darkness.

Tags: Bizarre Business Food.

Can you hear me now?

Super Soaker used to remove buildup from patient’s ear. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Hygiene Products Toys Water.


Underwear enriched with vitamin C. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Health Online shopping Products Underwear.

They have good articles.

Playboy magazine is published in Braille. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Culture His Magazines Publishing Sex.

Got fin?

British woman marries a dolphin.

Tags: Animals Bizarre Fish People Weddings.

Foreign accent syndrome.

American woman who suffered a stroke now has a British accent.

Tags: Bizarre Brain Injury Nationality People.

Middle initial ‘H’.

New York man legally changes his name to Jesus Christ. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Jesus Legal People Religion.

Monkey business.

Stalin tried breeding apes with soldiers to create an invincible mutant Red Army. (via)

Tags: Animals Bizarre Discovery History People Soldiers.

Cheetos lip balm.

Lip balm that tastes like Cheetos.

Tags: Bizarre Culture Products.

The Messiah?

Canadian man claims ancient documents give him authority over the Jews. (via)

Tags: Bizarre Govern Nationality People.

The beat goes on.

Polish monk wants to play recordings of Pope John Paul II’s heartbeat at midnight mass.

Tags: Bizarre Celebrity People Religion.

Know when to fold ’em.

British man bets that he will die and loses.

Tags: Bizarre Death Gambling Money People.

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