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Bigfoot: How Do We Know?

Idaho museum to open a Bigfoot exhibit.

Tags: Bigfoot Cryptozoology Museum Unexplained.

Save sasquatch.

Bigfoot has been granted full protection by the Johor government.

Tags: Bigfoot Legal Preservation.

Baby steps.

Bigfoot may have been caught in the jungles of Johor.

Tags: Bigfoot News.


DNA test to be performed on Bigfoot footprint to determine its existence once and for all.

Tags: Bigfoot DNA Unexplained.

Destination Truth.

TV crew discovers fresh Bigfoot footprint in the jungles of Johor, Malaysia.

Tags: Bigfoot Discovery TV.

Orang Lenggor.

Malaysian wildlife society has scientific evidence of a Bigfoot colony living in the jungle.

Tags: Bigfoot Cryptozoology Propaganda Unexplained.

Closing in on paydirt.

Strong possibility that muddy footprints discovered in the jungles of Malaysiawere made by a Bigfoot creature. (via)

Tags: Animals Bigfoot Discovery Unexplained.

Bigfoot afoot.

Bigfoot footprints discovered in India. (via)

Tags: Animals Bigfoot Cryptozoology Discovery Unexplained.


Man says that around 45 Bigfoots are living in an Oklahoma park. (via)

Tags: Bigfoot Cryptozoology Hunting People.

Sonoma footage.

Possible Sasquatch sighting in Northern California, with video.

Tags: Bigfoot Cryptozoology Culture Unexplained Video.

In search of sasquatch.

Maine scientist offering $1 million reward for a photo that leads to the live capture of Bigfoot. (via)

Tags: Bigfoot Caught Challenge Cryptozoology People Photos Prizes.

Please disperse.

Hair sample tested earlier this week is not from Bigfoot.

Tags: Animals Bigfoot Bogus Cryptozoology Discovery Followup.

Stay tuned.

Sasquatch hair to be tested in Canada.

Tags: Animals Bigfoot Cryptozoology Unexplained.

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