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No K8538.

Cuneiform tablet is deciphered and believed to be a Sumerian account of a meteor impact.

Tags: Astronomy Historical record History Meteor.

HD 189733b.

Astronomers detect the life-forming molecule methane on a planet 63 light years away.

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Milestones.

7.6 billion years.

Astronomers calculate when the Earth will be vaporized by the Sun.

Tags: Astronomy Calculate Earth Sun.

Lyman alpha blobs.

Astronomers discover a massive object containing galaxies and gas bubbles that is 200 million light-years wide.

Tags: Astronomy Big Bang Discovery Gas Space Universe.

New Worlds Observer.

Space shield that will shade orbiting telescopes from star light allowing astronomers to look for Earth-like planets.

Tags: Astronomy Design Light Space Starshade Telescope.

Hubble Advanced Camera for Surveys.

Astronomers discover a possible Jupiter-size planet orbiting the Beta Pictoris. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Hubble Planets Space Stars Telescope.

2004 XP14.

Asteroid at least a half-mile in diameter will fly past Earth on July 3. (via)

Tags: Asteroid Astronomy Space.

Nix and Hydra.

Twin moons of Pluto formerly known as S/2005 P 1 and S/2005 P 2 are given formal names. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Language Space.

David’s stone.

Researchers have proposed the idea of capturing an asteroid and engineering it to take out any Earth-bound threats. (via)

Tags: Asteroids Astronomy Engineering Protection Space.

Abell 3266.

Gas ball of fire discovered in a distant galaxy cluster that is five thousand million times the size of our solar system. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Comet Discovery Space.

XMMXCS 2215-1734.

Galaxy cluster discovered 10 billion light-years from Earth that weighs 500 trillion times the mass of the Sun. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Earth Massive Space Sun.


Handheld device that uses GPS technology to identify what celestial body you are pointing at. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Gadgets Products Space Technology.

Temple of the Fox.

Observatory dating back to 2200 B.C. discovered in Peru.

Tags: Archaeology Astronomy Discovery.

Exchange reaction.

Neptune probably captured its moon Triton from an orbit around the Sun. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Moon Space.

A galaxy far, far away.

Astronomers discover molecular hydrogen 12.3 billion light-years away. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Gas Milestones Physics.

73P Schwassmann-Wachmann.

Comet that an air traffic controller believes a fragment of will catastrophically strike Earth on May 25.

Tags: Armageddon Astronomy People.

Lobster All-Sky X-ray Monitor.

Telescope designed to view 180° at once can take a picture of the entire sky in 90 minutes.

Tags: Astronomy Design Space Technology.

Super-supermassive black hole.

Scientists discover two black holes that are on a collision course with each other.

Tags: Astronomy Discovery.

E ring.

Scientists discover a blue ring around Uranus.

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Space.


Astronomers discover a 300-billion mile across cloud of methyl alcohol floating in space. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Astronomy Discovery Space.

Big Bang.

Scientists have found evidence of the universe expanding from a subatomic particle to astronomic in less than a trillionth of a second.

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Space.


Cassini has discovered potential liquid water on one of Saturn’s moons.

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Space Water.

Anti-planetary particles.

Scientists discover electron rays on Saturn‘s polar region that accelerate away from the planet. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Matter Planets Space.

Oval BA.

Jupiter is growing a second red spot.

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Planets Space.


Impact crater made by ancient meteor discovered in the Sahara desert.

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Meteor.

Sky Disc of Nebra.

Bronze Age disc was used 3,600 years ago to calculate a thirteenth month. (via)

Tags: Archaeology Astronomy Discovery Measure.

2004 VD17.

Asteroid that may strike the Earth on May 4, 2102.

Tags: Armageddon Astronomy Space.

Optical vortex mask.

Device that allows astronomers to better see distant planets by cancelling surrounding starlight.

Tags: Astronomy Space Technology.

GRB 060218.

NASA telescope picks up mysterious cosmic explosion.

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Space Unexplained.

Kuiper Belt Objects.

Scientists confirm that Pluto has three moons.

Tags: Astronomy Information Space.

Final note.

Scientists discover that dying stars emit a middle C range sound which ultimately causes them to explode.

Tags: Astronomy Death Discovery Sound.


NASA planning to drop a quarter-ton impactor ball on Mars to study the ejecta that it blasts.

Tags: Astronomy Research Science Space Study.

Gravitational microlensing.

New telescopic technique has lead to the discovery of an Earth-like planet.

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Improvements Space.

Square Kilometre Array.

Europe is building a radio telescope so sensitive that it could ‘pick up tv broadcasts coming from the nearest stars. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Build Space.

Event horizon.

Scientists have located the theoretical border of a Black Hole from beyond which not even light can escape.

Tags: Astronomy Discovery Gas Information Space.


Images of Venus.

Tags: Astronomy Photos Space.


Astronomers say one-way trip into black hole takes 200,000 years.

Tags: Astronomy Space Travel.


Scientists have finally calculated the atomic structure of a highly caustic, “super acid” molecule. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Measure Milestones Theories.

N44 superbubble complex.

Gemini South Telescope captures image of mysterious gas bubble spanning 325 light years. (via)

Tags: Astronomy Photos Space.

No need for Bruce Willis.

Scientists plan to divert asteroids from hitting Earth by spraying paint on them.

Tags: Asteroids Astronomy Celebrity Movies Paint.

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