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Gregor Schneider.

Artist is looking for people who are dying to be part of an art exhibit. (via)

Tags: Art Death People.

2007 Serial Killer Calendar.

French artist has designed a calendar that portrays the world’s most notorious serial killers.

Tags: Art Calendar Controversy Design.

Vilhonneur cave.

Portrait of a human face drawn 27,000 years ago discovered in a French cave. (via)

Tags: Archaeology Art Cave art Discovery Drawing.


Technology used to recreate what Mona Lisa’s voice sounded like. (via)

Tags: Art Celebrity People Sound Technology.

DNA art.

Scientists discover technique of folding strands of DNA to produce any shape. (via)

Tags: Art Design DNA Nanotechnology.

Mikulicz’s syndrome.

Shakespeare apparently died from a rare eye cancer. (via)

Tags: Art Books Celebrity Disease Eye People.

Final act.

Terminally-ill director will lay in state as an art exhibit so that he can experience his own funeral while still alive.

Tags: Art Death Disease Health People.

Got up and walked away.

Spanish museum loses 38-ton sculpture. (via)

Tags: Art Lost Woopsie.


Musical piece that will play continuously for 1000 years. (via)

Tags: Art Math Music World.

Sami fleshscraper.

Norwegian museum anonymously receives relic 42 years after it was apparently stolen and has ‘no idea’ what the object is. (via)

Tags: Art Confusion Theft.

Ink drooler.

Chinese man paints with his tongue.

Tags: Art Bizarre People.

How it should have ended.

Web site with animated alternate endings to movies. (via)

Tags: Art Culture Downloads Entertainment Humor Ideas Movies Star Wars Video Web.


Draw a random object that you’re given and display your skills at drawmesomething.com. (via)

Tags: Art Challenge Web.


Artists erect a gigantic pink bunny on an Italian mountainside where it will stay for the next 20 years.

Tags: Animals Art Bizarre.

Painters needed.

Woman painting her car with nail polish wants your help. (via)

Tags: Art Cars Challenge Ideas People Wanted.

Only in China.

Live pigs in Beijing tatooed ‘with designs ranging from the Louis Vuitton logo to Russian prison tattoos’. (via)

Tags: Animals Art Bizarre Culture Preservation Tattoo.


Protestor cartwheeling from Brighton to London.

Tags: Art Challenge Environmental People Preservation Prevention Protest.

Poetic lysinse.

Pissed off artist reluctantly corrects her misspellings on murals she created for the Livermore public library in San Francisco. (via)

Tags: Accident Art Caught Change Discovery Education Ego Embarrassing Followup Humor Language Mistakes People Woopsie.

Help a brother out.

John Mayer to fans: ‘Finish my song‘.

Tags: Art Celebrity Challenge Contests Entertainment Music.

Got Putin?

Having a tattoo of President Putin is very fashionable at the moment.”

Tags: Art Celebrity Crazes People Politics Propaganda Tattoo.

Art confusing life.

Album cover depicting a barcode being mistakenly scanned for real barcode at record stores. (via)

Tags: Art Discovery Entertainment Irony Mistakes Music.


Interesting messages revealed by playing songs backwards. (via)

Tags: Art Language Music Technology.

People soap.

Real-life Fight Club soap produced by Italian artist from the fat of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Tags: Art Movies People Politics.

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