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Archaeologists are exploring a lost city built by the Mycenaeans 3500 years ago.

Tags: Ancient Archaeology Discovery.


Archaeologists believe they have found the remains of a fabled city in India that once was a major trading port with the Roman Empire.

Tags: Archaeology City Discovery History Trade.

Vilhonneur cave.

Portrait of a human face drawn 27,000 years ago discovered in a French cave. (via)

Tags: Archaeology Art Cave art Discovery Drawing.

Parthenocarpic figs.

Scientists discover 11,400 year-old seedless figs that may be the first crop to be domesticated by man. (via)

Tags: Agriculture Archaeology Discovery Food.

Derveni Papyrus.

Charred remains of an ancient book believed to be a missing link in the shaping of monotheistic religions has been decoded with modern imaging technology. (via)

Tags: Archaeology Books Religion Technology.

Queen of Rome.

Archaeologists unearth well-preserved bones of a woman dating back to the 10th century B.C.

Tags: Ancient Archaeology Bones Discovery Rome.

Temple of the Fox.

Observatory dating back to 2200 B.C. discovered in Peru.

Tags: Archaeology Astronomy Discovery.

Marmaray Project.

Tunneling project connecting Europe and Asia underwater by rail uncovers 4th century seaport.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery.

Site Q.

Archaeologists have discovered a royal tomb inside a Mayan pyramid. (via)

Tags: Archaeology Discovery.

Najash rionegrina.

Snake fossil discovered having two legs may prove that they evolved on land rather than at sea.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery Evolution.

Mapusaurus roseae.

Meat-eating dinosaur believed to have hunted in groups discovered in Argentina.

Tags: Archaeology Dinosaurs Discovery.

Australopithecus anamensis.

Species of ape-man discovered in Ethiopia that Homo sapiens evolved from.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery Paleontology.

Holy Grail.

Archaeologists have discovered remains of the Knights of Templar in a castle dating back to the Crusades. (via)

Tags: Archaeology Discovery History Religion War.

Iztapalapa hillside.

Archaeologists discover a 1500-year-old pyramid under a site used for re-enacting the crucifixion of Jesus.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery Jesus.

Painful roots.

Dental drill discovered dating back 9000 years predates the invention of anesthesia.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery Hygiene.

Tiktaalik roseae.

Fossil remains of a crocodile-like fish discovered that may be the missing link explaining how life transitioned from water to land.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery Evolution Fish Life Milestones Paleontology.

Hagryphus giganteus.

Utah scientists discover fossilized bones of a giant meat-eating bird dinosaur. (via)

Tags: Archaeology Dinosaurs Discovery.


Italian archaeologists discover stone tablets that may be the remains of a 5000-year-old Sumerian library. (via)

Tags: Archaeology Discovery.

Trojan War hero.

Archaeologists have unearthed the palace of the Homeric warrior-king Ajax.

Tags: Archaeology Books History.

Gawis cranium.

Skull discovered in Ethiopia may be link between Homo erectus and Homo sapiens.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery.

Land ho!

Construction workers uncover the remains of a Spanish ship on land.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery Sailing.

Bronze Age bully.

Archaeologists discover that a massive Mt. Vesuvius eruption buried towns and villages 2000 years before Pompeii.

Tags: Archaeology Geology History Natural Disasters Volcano.

Sky Disc of Nebra.

Bronze Age disc was used 3,600 years ago to calculate a thirteenth month. (via)

Tags: Archaeology Astronomy Discovery Measure.


Phoenician temple discovered in Sicily.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery.


Scientists have found the remains of a civilization lost to the biggest volcanic eruption in recorded history.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery Natural Disasters.

Lost land of Punt.

Archaeologists uncover remains of ancient Egyptian ship including cargo destined for a fabled Red Sea trading center.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery Sailing.


Ancient temple discovered under the streets of Cairo. (via)

Tags: Archaeology Discovery Religion.

Guanlong wucaii.

Dinosaur that gave rise to the Tyrannosaurus Rex discovered in China.

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Deep sea robot photographs Greek shipwreck from 350 B.C.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery Photos Robots Water.

Unidentified buried object.

Large unknown man-made metal object to be unearthed from a Georgia cemetery. (via)

Tags: Antiques Archaeology Discovery History Unexplained War.


Archaeologists have found a tomb under the Roman Forum that predates the founding of Rome.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery History.

Ceremonial dental modification.

Tooth ethchings, called furrows, support theories that Vikings made visits to North America. (via)

Tags: Archaeology Discovery History Research.

Walk like an Australian.

Ice Age footprints found in the Australian Outback. (via)

Tags: Archaeology Discovery.

Multiplex polymerase chain reaction.

German scientists rebuild a section of the wooly mammoth’s mitochondrial DNA.

Tags: Animals Archaeology DNA Paleontology Science.


Mesopotamian city shows evidence of being destroyed by ‘large scale organized warfare

Tags: Archaeology Discovery History War.

Dakosaurus andiniensis.

Ancient sea creature was part crocodile and part T. rex.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery Paleontology.

Rewriting history.

Alphabet found carved in stone dating from 10th century B.C.

Tags: Archaeology Discovery History Language Paleontology.

Spaced out.

Ancient observatory discovered in China. (via)

Tags: Archaeology Astronomy Discovery.


Pyramid discovered in Europe. (via)

Tags: Archaeology Discovery.

Antikythera mechanism.

Ancient Greek computer was ‘capable of predicting the positions of the sun and moon in the zodiac on any given date. (via)

UPDATE: Researchers have discovered and deciphered previously undetected ancient Greek text on the device.

Tags: Archaeology Astronomy Discovery History Technology.

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