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Cow Power.

Energy company to begin producing natural gas from animal waste. (via)

Tags: Animals Energy Gas Green Recycling.

Bubalus cebuensis.

Scientists have identified a new species of dwarf buffalo.

Tags: Animals Evolution Extinct Fossil.

Aqua Dog.

Meat-flavored water. (via)

Tags: Animals Pets Products Water.

Synthetic Gecko.

Material developed that is based on the sticky feet of geckos. (via)

Tags: Adhesive Animals Bioinspiration Materials Technology.


Scientists grow human stem cells inside of a mouse embryo. (via)

Tags: Animals Discovery Human genome Milestones Mouse Research Stem cells.


Expedition is underway in Africa to locate a swamp-dwelling dragon.

Tags: Animals Cryptozoology Expedition Mythic beasts.

Diceros bicornis longipes.

West African black rhino is now believed to be extinct. (via)

Tags: Animals Discovery Extinct Rhino.

Spermatogonial stem cells.

Scientists grow mice in the lab from artificial sperm. (via)

Tags: Animals Bioengineering Life Stem cells.

Kanzi and Panbanisha.

Bonobo apes that have been raised most of their lives in the presence of humans can talk on the phone.

Tags: Animals Ape Communication Language Nuture.

Cytokine interleukin-7.

Scientists inject mice with an immune system regulator and prevent them from gaining weight. (via)

Tags: Animals Research Weight loss.

Meat sheets.

Researchers are mass producing layers of animal muscle cells in an effort to grow meat for human consumption. (via)

Tags: Animals Food Future Mass production Meat.

Kopi Luwak.

Specialty coffee bean that gets its unique flavor by fermenting in the gut of an Indonesian mammal. (via)

Tags: Animals Coffee Digestion Fermentation.

Gansus yumenensis.

Webbed-foot bird discovered that lived 115 million year ago may show that birds likely evolved from aquatic ancestors. (via)

Tags: Animals Birds Discovery Evolution Fossil Fossil record.

Equine Vocalization Project.

Database that is cataloging horse talk. (via)

Tags: Animals Database Language Project.


Biologists identify immortality genes in mice that can control a stem cell’s ability to split and then renew itself.

Tags: Animals DNA Genes Research Stem cells.

Genetic divergence.

Company has successfully bred hypoallergenic kittens.

Tags: Allergies Animals Cats Genes Pets.


Project that designs robots bio-inspired by the locomotion of lower animal forms has developed a paddle worm robot that can navigate through the gut of a pig.

Tags: Animals Bugs Design Locomotion Research Robots.

Beta-amyloid injections.

Researchers develop a vaccine of white blood cells sensitized to Alzheimer’s proteins that reverses memory loss in mice.

Tags: Alzheimer's Animals Brain Disease Memory Vaccine.


Aerosol spray that forms a ‘frosty film’ on pet poop making it easier to clean up. (via)

Tags: Animals Environmental Pets poop Products Waste.


Skull of unknown horned animal discovered at the edge of the Arctic Circle. (via)

Tags: Animals Discovery Unexplained.


Robot that is helping scientists understand why four-flippered animals like penguins and turtles only use two flippers for propulsion.

Tags: Animals Propulsion.

Pan troglodytes troglodytes.

Scientists discover a chimpanzee species in Africa as the origin of the HIV virus.

Tags: Animals Discovery HIV Virus.


Scientists discover that RNA allows mice to pass on physical traits without the offspring inheriting the genes. (via)

Tags: Animals Discovery DNA Genes Milestones Research.


Project that builds overpasses and underpasses specially designed to lure wildlife into safely crossing highways. (via)

Tags: Animals Build Preservation Safety.

Project Tripwire.

Surveillance program that will monitor wild animals for signs of bioterrorism. (via)

Tags: Animals War WMDs.

Pyow-hack sequence.

Researchers discover that monkeys are able to string their words and sounds together into semantic and meaningful sentences. (via)

Tags: Animals Discovery Language Research.

Rungwecebus kipunji.

Scientists discover new primate genus.

Tags: Animals Discovery.

Lucky and Flo.

Dogs that have been trained to sniff out counterfeit DVDs.

Tags: Animals Crime.

Resistant-cell therapy.

Cells transplanted from a cancer-resistant mouse have cured cancer in normal mice. (via)

Tags: Animals Cancer Cells Research.

Process for the Utilization of Ruminant Animal Methane Emissions.

Patent issued for device that captures bovine flatulence and turns it into nutritional biomass. (via)

Tags: Animals Gas Global warming Inventions Patent.


Gene discovered in mice that protects them against weight gain. (via)

Tags: Animals Discovery Genes Weight loss.

Recursive center-embedding.

Researchers discover a species of bird that can learn the syntax patterns of human language.

Tags: Animals Discovery Language Learning.

Great Ape Project.

Spanish Socialist Party to introduce a bill proposing equal rights be given to apes.

Tags: Animals Legal Organizations Politics.

Bubo bubo.

Eagle owl that preys on house pets and has a five-foot wing span has escaped from captivity in Scotland. (via)

Tags: Animals Deadly Escape.

Murphy Roths Large.

Mouse strain disovered that is able to regenerate lost digits and heal without scarring. (via)

Tags: Animals Discovery Research.


Green algae protein injected in retinal cells helps recover visual response in blind mice. (via)

Tags: Animals Eye Research Vision.

Loriculus camiguinensis.

Scientists on a small island in the Phillipines discover new species of parrot, mouse. (via)

Tags: Animals Discovery.

Free Bob.

Campaign to free a stuffed moose head that was confiscated from its owner for trying to sell it on eBay.

Tags: Animals eBay Legal Propaganda.


Sick cow was nursed back to health by being treated with beer. (via)

Tags: Animals Beer Health.

Xenotropic MuLV-related virus.

Researchers have discovered a human retrovirus that originated in rodents.

Tags: Animals Cancer Discovery.

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