Category: Beer

Classic Chocolate Lager.

Chocolate beer.

Tags: Beer Beverages Chocolate Discovery Holidays Ideas Marketing Products.

Pint Pots.

Beer-flavored gummy candy.

Tags: Beer Candy Products.


Sick cow was nursed back to health by being treated with beer. (via)

Tags: Animals Beer Health.

Real Beer Baths.

Czech brewery offers baths in beer.

Tags: Beer Happiness.

Stampede beer.

Beer that is better for you because it is enhanced with vitamins.

Tags: Beer Diet Health Marketing Products.

Vote with Your Throat.

Ontario brewery is counting sales of beers renamed for running political parties as votes, and it is proving to be a startlingly accurate barometer for poll measurement.

Tags: Beer Election Marketing Measure Politics.

Happy Tail Ale.

Beer for dogs. (via)

Tags: Animals Beer Pets Products.

Bootie beer.

Beverage with a risqué name looking to shake up the beer industry. (via)

Tags: Beer Ideas Marketing Products Sex.


Beer that contains nicotine and is designed to help smokers quit.

Tags: Alcohol Beer Health Ideas Prevention Products Smoking.


Mexican beer mix of lime juice, spices, chili pepper, ice and a salted rim is coming to America.

Tags: Alcohol Beer Marketing.

Dry campus.

Siena College in New York bans the drinking of any kind of beverage in a container on campus. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Beer Change Coffee Education Politics Security Water.


A nonalcoholic beer has been created to target children and is being packaged in brown bottles to look like real beer. (via)

Tags: Beer Bogus Culture Marketing Products Protest.


Using the principles of ‘fluid mechanics‘, a frustrated college engineer creates a beer tap design which improves keg yield by 30% and pours four times faster than a conventional tap. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Beer Business Change Design Ideas Improvements People.

Got beer?

Man in France makes beer from fermented milk. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Beer Bizarre Food People.

The gods must be crazy.

Hurricane Katrina causing massive shortages of beer and cigarettes in affected areas.

Tags: Alcohol Beer Natural Disasters Survival.


How to throw the best hurricane party (when it’s safe to do so)’. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Beer Culture History How-to Irony Natural Disasters News.

Ladybird Bio Beer.

Here’s a drink to your health.

Tags: Alcohol Beer Health Ideas Products.


Samuel Adam’s has brewed the world’s strongest, and perhaps most expensive, beer.

Tags: Alcohol Beer Milestones.

How do you run out of the ‘World’s Best Beer’?

Meet the monks who are in denial about needing a marketing manager.

Tags: Alcohol Beer Crazes People Politics Religion.

Partisan politics.

Republicans and Democrats in South Carolina are fighting over beer money.

Tags: Alcohol Beer Decline Discovery Legal Mistakes Politics Protest Woopsie.

Free beer!

Making the world open source, one beer at a time. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Beer Education Geek Ideas Open source Technology World.

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