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Classic Chocolate Lager.

Chocolate beer.

Tags: Beer Beverages Chocolate Discovery Holidays Ideas Marketing Products.

Rising Sun Anger Release Bar.

Bar in China where customers can beat up the staff.

Tags: Alcohol Anger Emotion Ideas Marketing.

Health and Food Advice Robot.

Company has developed a robot that tastes wine and can differentiate between 30 different varieties of grapes.

Tags: Alcohol Robots Technology Wine.

Pint Pots.

Beer-flavored gummy candy.

Tags: Beer Candy Products.

Bracholinskie Lake.

Distillery mishap reportedly dumps enough vodka into a Polish lake to turn its water into 60 proof.

Tags: Accident Alcohol Environmental Vodka Water.

Wings of Zadar cocktail.

Drink that is mixed in the air by a skydiving bartender. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Ideas.


Experimental drug that binds to neurons in the brain and stops the impairing effects of being drunk. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Brain Drugs Drunk Research.


Injectable drug designed to treat alcoholism approved by the FDA.

Tags: Alcohol Disease Drugs.


Astronomers discover a 300-billion mile across cloud of methyl alcohol floating in space. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Astronomy Discovery Space.


Sick cow was nursed back to health by being treated with beer. (via)

Tags: Animals Beer Health.

Real Beer Baths.

Czech brewery offers baths in beer.

Tags: Beer Happiness.

Beer-for-your-horses bill.

South Dakota legalizes drunken horse riding and bike riding.

Tags: Alcohol Drunk Legal Travel.

Stampede beer.

Beer that is better for you because it is enhanced with vitamins.

Tags: Beer Diet Health Marketing Products.


How to make booze using Tang.

Tags: Alcohol How-to Make Products.

Shaken, not stirred.

Russian winter has been so brutally cold that travelling circuses are giving buckets of vodka to elephants. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Animals Survival.

Vote with Your Throat.

Ontario brewery is counting sales of beers renamed for running political parties as votes, and it is proving to be a startlingly accurate barometer for poll measurement.

Tags: Beer Election Marketing Measure Politics.

Cold beverage.

How to make shot glasses out of ice. (via)

Tags: Alcohol How-to Make.

Happy Tail Ale.

Beer for dogs. (via)

Tags: Animals Beer Pets Products.

Dead drunk.

Bartender sent to prison for mixing a drink that killed a customer. (recipe)

Tags: Alcohol Crime Death Drunk People Punishment.

Ion exchange membrane.

Japanese machine ages new wine in 15 seconds. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Gadgets Make.

Bootie beer.

Beverage with a risqué name looking to shake up the beer industry. (via)

Tags: Beer Ideas Marketing Products Sex.


Beer that contains nicotine and is designed to help smokers quit.

Tags: Alcohol Beer Health Ideas Prevention Products Smoking.


Mexican beer mix of lime juice, spices, chili pepper, ice and a salted rim is coming to America.

Tags: Alcohol Beer Marketing.

Cold one.

Bar in London has been built entirely out of ice.

Tags: Alcohol Build Business Ideas Make Tavern.

Dry campus.

Siena College in New York bans the drinking of any kind of beverage in a container on campus. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Beer Change Coffee Education Politics Security Water.

What does TCP/IP stand for?

For geeks: the TCP/IP drinking game. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Games Geek Technology Trivia Web.


A nonalcoholic beer has been created to target children and is being packaged in brown bottles to look like real beer. (via)

Tags: Beer Bogus Culture Marketing Products Protest.

Last laugh.

British woman barred from a bar because ‘her high-pitched laugh was annoying other drinkers.

Tags: Alcohol Annoying Drunk People Punishment.


Using the principles of ‘fluid mechanics‘, a frustrated college engineer creates a beer tap design which improves keg yield by 30% and pours four times faster than a conventional tap. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Beer Business Change Design Ideas Improvements People.

Got beer?

Man in France makes beer from fermented milk. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Beer Bizarre Food People.

The gods must be crazy.

Hurricane Katrina causing massive shortages of beer and cigarettes in affected areas.

Tags: Alcohol Beer Natural Disasters Survival.


How to throw the best hurricane party (when it’s safe to do so)’. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Beer Culture History How-to Irony Natural Disasters News.

Drunk dozin’.

You can pry my bulldozer from my dead drunk hands.

Tags: Alcohol Bizarre Busted Caught Chase Crime Drunk People Redneck Wrecks.

Drinking and riding.

If you’re in the Dallas area and are out drinking, play it safe and call Wingman to give you a lift home in your own car. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Business Cars Drunk Ideas Prevention.

Ladybird Bio Beer.

Here’s a drink to your health.

Tags: Alcohol Beer Health Ideas Products.


Samuel Adam’s has brewed the world’s strongest, and perhaps most expensive, beer.

Tags: Alcohol Beer Milestones.

How do you run out of the ‘World’s Best Beer’?

Meet the monks who are in denial about needing a marketing manager.

Tags: Alcohol Beer Crazes People Politics Religion.

Partisan politics.

Republicans and Democrats in South Carolina are fighting over beer money.

Tags: Alcohol Beer Decline Discovery Legal Mistakes Politics Protest Woopsie.

Asking for trouble.

Drunk man asks cops where his car is.

Tags: Alcohol Busted Cars Caught Crime Drunk Mistakes People.


Powdered alcohol product can be added to water to create real drinks. (via)

Tags: Alcohol Ideas Products Water.

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