Category: Accident

Bracholinskie Lake.

Distillery mishap reportedly dumps enough vodka into a Polish lake to turn its water into 60 proof.

Tags: Accident Alcohol Environmental Vodka Water.


Poisoned microcapsules have been developed to eradicate the zebra mussel.

Tags: Accident Environmental Fish Money Pests Water.

Divine recall #2.

Priest and parishioner drown during baptism.

Tags: Accident Death Jesus People Religion.

Divine recall #1.

Texas priest electrocuted during a baptismal ceremony. (via)

Tags: Accident Death Jesus People Religion.

Disappearing act.

Dead woman found in wrecked vehicle one day after the accident. (via)

Tags: Accident Cars Death Mistakes Woopsie Wrecks.

His bad.

God officially blamed for a 2003 ferry disaster. (via)

Tags: Accident Bizarre Deadly Death Insurance Legal Natural Disasters Politics Sailing Travel Unexplained.

There’s no such thing as Rudolph.

Danish airforce has compensated Santa Claus for accidentally killing Rudolph.

Tags: Accident Animals Bizarre Culture Death Mascots Mistakes Pets Woopsie.

Honey, I burnt down the house.

German woman trying to kill spiders with fire accidentally burns down her house instead.

Tags: Accident Escape Family Fire Lucky Mistakes People Pests Woopsie.

The most powerful kiss in history.

Woman literally ‘blinded’ by kiss.

Tags: Accident Bizarre Disease Health People Unexplained.

B minus fortune teller.

Psychic fails to predict that his crystal ball would catch fire and burn down his flat.

Tags: Accident Bizarre Fire Irony Magic People.

Damn milkman.

One in 25 men worldwide is not the biological father of a child he believes to be his.

Tags: Accident Deception Discovery Family Hers His Kids Mistakes Research Sex Spouse.

Poetic lysinse.

Pissed off artist reluctantly corrects her misspellings on murals she created for the Livermore public library in San Francisco. (via)

Tags: Accident Art Caught Change Discovery Education Ego Embarrassing Followup Humor Language Mistakes People Woopsie.

Woo hoo! Doh!

Florida Lotto to woman: $250,000 winning ticket was a misprint. (via)

Tags: Accident Bogus Contests Decline Discovery Mistakes Money People Protest Woopsie.

Richard Cranium.

Man’s debit card embossed with crude name.

Tags: Accident Business Embarrassing Language Mistakes Money Prank Woopsie.

Didn’t you notice?

Del.icio.us had a minor database issue yesterday and comes clean, quickly. Kudos Joshua.

Tags: Accident Blog Celebrity Crazes Email Forgiven Mistakes RSS Search Survival Tags Web Woopsie.

What was she spitting?

Kansas City driver falls out of her car on the freeway, survives. (via)

Tags: Accident Cars Embarrassing Mistakes People Survival Woopsie.


Dead woman in casket shot during wake.

Tags: Accident Bizarre Bullets Death People Weapons.

Jesus speaking.

Phone number mistakenly shown in the movie Bruce Almighty actually belongs to Florida woman who receives ‘15 to 20 calls an hour from people asking for God‘. (via)

Tags: Accident Culture Entertainment Mistakes Movies Phone Prank Religion.

Wrong car.

Wrong minivan is victim of a botched rescue drill.

Tags: Accident Cars Embarrassing Mistakes Rescue Woopsie.

Big gulp.

Unfortunate story of the boy and the fish who choked him to death.

Tags: Accident Bizarre Death Fish.

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