Gasoline pills that increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. (via)

Post date: Monday, December 19th, 2005.

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  1. At 1:08 am on April 28th, 2006, Realist wrote: #

    Belief can be powerful. Take, for example, terrorists. They believe blowing themselves up will bring them to paradise. You people, similarly, believe selling a weak product will make you a millionare. Reality, however, provides evidence. The evidence shows you, and the terrorists, are idiots.

  2. At 7:38 pm on May 4th, 2006, big bill okie wrote: #

    The one question i do have is it is possible the fuel pump gave way because it was weak or something like that. If this product caused the fuel system to fail then there would be a HUGE rash of problems now. And someone asked if it should have been tried first. Well it was for 16 years in Europe. That seems long enough to me. Heck folks even some people think Wal-Mart is a scam.

  3. At 10:46 am on May 5th, 2006, Lou wrote: #

    Big Bill.

    One question…has there been any proof other then word of mouth (and I mean physical proof on paper) that this has been a product in Europe for 16 years??? NO, there is none. In fact all of their paperwork on the internet…who is stay if those are official, legitimate documents? These guys created this sham of a story and ya know what everyone bought including myself. I work at a Swiss Investment bank with MANY colleagues from London. They have NEVER heard of any product like this EVER in Europe. And if it did exist they insist, big oil companies would have bought this out years ago.

    To answer your question…the answer is no the fuel pump was not weak. It is a 2004 Mazda 6. It was purchased in Nov. of 04 and has 60,000 miles on it (all highway I might add) and had NO outstanding problems. I just find this way too coincidental that after using this product for a few tanks and wham. A new fuel pump is necessary.

  4. At 2:37 pm on May 8th, 2006, the Chief wrote: #

    All of this sounds interesting. I’m in this blog because I found this miracle pill on the internet and am, like any smart person, investigating the authenticity. I lived in Germany when this so called product was “invented”. I lived there until 1998. Neither I or any of my Euro friends ever heard of the stuff. And they pay a hell of a lot more for gas than we Americans do. I’m 55 yrs old and I’ve seen a lot of “get rich” quick plans. Note that I did not use the word “scam”. I drive a antique muscle car (vette) and a 1990 jag, and I’ll be damned if I put the magic pill in my cars until all the nay sayers can be converted to the magic. Not likely to happen I think….

  5. At 10:26 pm on May 11th, 2006, Art wrote: #

    My best friend called tonight excited about this “deal”. He was approached a month an a half ago but didn’t pay until tonight. They got on a conference call with Mr. Important an decided he could be put at where he would of been in the line of sponsership a month and a half ago. He already has 180+ people under him. How can a respected business run in this manner?

  6. At 10:15 pm on May 13th, 2006, Steve Pugh wrote: #

    I have been looking into this seriously and I will tell you that http://www.mlmwatchdog.com has called this a scam. They have a video at their site of a news story from Floida showing this pill is nothing more than mothballs, shaped like a pill, and dyed green.

  7. At 9:27 pm on May 14th, 2006, Robert Smith wrote: #

    I am thinking of entering into this business but need more info. Can I try this product first before shelling out any money?

  8. At 2:20 pm on May 17th, 2006, John wrote: #

    I almost bought into this a few months ago until i had a good look at the web site and quickly noticed it was mostly about the money and little to do with test’s with how we’ll this actually works.

    From being in a few different Networking Programs in the past (and learning a few lessons along the way) this was the first red flag that popped up
    .If it’s that good, then why woud you put the Opprrtunity first and the product second?

    Even though I knew I was missing out on what looked like a Great Opportunity, I decided to pass.

    That is until a new company emmerged within the last couple months called Etho-FR.

    Not only does this stuff do everthing it says it will do, but much much more!

    Unlike when Bioperformance has been shown on News Stations, Ethos-FR has passed their test’s Every Single Time!
    Don’t take my word for it, you can watch a them here: http://mmgurl.com/isave

    If your going to be promoting anything via Network marketing-MAKE SURE You Have The BEST Product that’s Avalable.

    A Few Facts you may not know:

    · Saves Fuel
    · Works immediately
    · Increases mileage
    · 15 year research & development
    · Reduces Engine Wear
    · Reduces emissions
    · Non-toxic and odorless
    · Government tested & approved
    · Huge media validation
    · Fox and NBC affiliates have tested and validated Ethos FR
    · We share facts… not claims
    · Manufacturer-to-consumer marketing… No middle man!
    · U.S. Patent protected
    · Adds cleaning and lubricating qualities to any type of fuel or motor oil
    · Allows engines to perform cooler, smoother, and with more vigor
    · Benefits are increased fuel mileage, reduced emissions, lower maintenance costs
    · U.S. Military is currently using the product.
    · 10- year old company…not a start-up
    · 15 years of research and development
    · Over $150 million in sales per year worldwide

    Make sur you do your homework before putting ANYTHING in your Gas or Oil.

  9. At 2:37 pm on May 17th, 2006, Darrell wrote: #

    Yes. In fact, you can join the company as an IBO for free. This gives you a limited website and the ability to buy the product wholesale. Here is the URL:
    You can go there and select Join Now, input the required information and off you go.

    Also, above on the placement of the person with 180 people under him….not possible without legal intervention with the company. All distributor placements are done by computer and you can only add to the bottom of existing legs of your network; not in the middle of it…

    The product has only been in Mexico and South America….not sure where all of this Europe stuff came from above.

    Yes, I am a distributor. No problems with my two vehicles or the people I have brought into this business. It is paying for my college at this point, so I cannot complain. The product does work for me, but I have had people that have tried it and said it didn’t work for them. You have to look at this product like the diet pills, which also do not work for all people.

    If anyone reading this is serious about the business or trying the product, please email me from the website above. I can get answers to your questions and being skeptical is human nature…I was until I tried the product and started actually making money in the business.

  10. At 2:41 pm on May 17th, 2006, John wrote: #

    News Flash:
    Bioperformance Shut Down:


  11. At 3:03 pm on May 17th, 2006, john wrote: #

    Attorney General shuts down Bio Performance today:


  12. At 3:52 pm on May 17th, 2006, Mike wrote: #

    Today, May 17th, a Tempoary Restraining Order (#2006CI07589) was filed in Bexar County, TX by the Attorney Generals Office of Texas, Alleging the product IS toxic and short term exposure can cause anemia, neurological and liver damage.

    They also claim the company is operating an ILLEGAL Pyramid Scheme (i.e. a cash Pyramid). A hearing will be held on May 30th, but they and ALL of their Associates are prohibited from selling the product unitl after the hearing.

    I would say run…. in the opposite direction

  13. At 5:18 pm on May 17th, 2006, Mark wrote: #

    Wow.. I guess I posted a bit late since the Texas Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against BP.. but thought I’d share some info with everyone. I tried some BP in my Chevy full-size for the past couple of months:

    1. make trips from Dallas to Austin to visit the family almost every weekend since my mom’s been ill
    2. always use the truck (I have a gas-saver for work commute, only use the truck for long trips)
    3. haven’t done any towing/hauling while using the pills
    4. haven’t had anyone ride along with me to and from cities to add weight
    5. always use cruise control on the highway at the same speed
    6. always use the same brand of gas (I have my favorite stations and always fill up at those and only those along the way) and same grade of gas (cheapest-87 octane)
    7. always do the same amount of city driving (I don’t drive after I get to my folks’ place until I leave back for Dallas)
    8. traffic isn’t ever what I’d call GOOD.. but I haven’t been stuck in any major delays that would lower the trip mileage.

    Keeping receipts of gallons and watching the trip odometer shows these MPG’s:
    1. (trip #1 the whole way there and back): 19.7 mpg (last tank not using the pills.. my buddy who I bought the pills from said to keep track before and after I used them to see what the improvement is)
    2. (first trip with pills): 19.5 mpg
    3: 20.5 mpg (then got a tuneup- oil change, air filter change, spark plugs, fuel filter)
    4: 17.5 mpg (would like to know what’s up with that one.. headwind??)
    5. 19.6 mpg (last trip using the pills.. I stopped after hearing they might clog a fuel filter).

    Asked my buddy about the mileage on each trip and he said it should improve.. you can see the numbers and only two trips were better. Don’t know what to say.. anyone want to add something about this experience? He’s since stopped selling the pills and I’ve stopped using them.

    He was trying to get me started as a new rep in the business.. I went to a meeting and everyone seemed focused on the ‘wealth building’ aspect of the business. Can’t blame anyone for wanting to make money, but maybe the dollar signs in everyone’s eyes bias them toward the product.

  14. At 5:55 pm on May 17th, 2006, Bill Wynne wrote: #

    I can honestly say that this pill works. I get checks weekly. I know that BIG things happened today in BioPerformance but I believe that the company will pass through and go on to be successful.

  15. At 10:09 am on May 18th, 2006, Lou wrote: #

    I dont see your pro-BPers talking now?! Still not a scam?!

  16. At 5:17 pm on May 18th, 2006, Ray Simmons wrote: #

    Extreme Research & Enviromax Plus have waived the enrollment fee for ALL Bio people to join our company for FREE! Its a difficult time for BP, but if the accusations are true, it was the right thing to do. Scams give our industry a bad name. I welcome all BP distributors to our company & look forward to working with you in the future. Getting involved with Enviromax Plus is a good move, its the only time tested proven US Patented fuel catalyst on the market & the only one with all the credentials necessary for a long term business. Take a look at us & please consider joining us, we’d love to have you on board!

  17. At 7:17 pm on May 18th, 2006, ben gomm wrote: #

    I am stunned at the spin going on. I personally have 5 vehicles using BioPerformance.

    My worst record is a 1990 econoline van (F150). It has increased 14.4%

    My best has been my 2002 Honda Shadow American Classic. On my 7th, 8th and 9th treated tanks it was an increase of 44%.

    I am using in in the following with success:

    1990 F-150 econoline
    1990 F-250 extended cab
    1990 F-250 regular cab
    2004 Toyota Camry
    2002 Honda 750
    1995 F-250 power stroke
    2003 Bob Cat skidster
    and my children’s cars and pickups.

    We have had no negative experiences.

    This makes it very hard to believe any negative comments I read.

    The fact that the (left wing) media and powerful oil companies and states are fighting it, adds a testimony to me of it’s legitimacy.

    To me, the proof in in my billfold personally!!!!!

    (Bold enough to identify myself – NOT hiding behind the title “anonymous”. Which should speak for it’s self.)

  18. At 7:40 am on May 19th, 2006, NotASucker wrote: #

    We all know it’s a scam now. hmmmmmmmmm

  19. At 9:55 am on May 19th, 2006, Surfing wrote: #

    “Ben Gomm”, who posted above, seems to be one of the many PR volunteers/employees/zealots for this product who are flying around the internet putting posts up in support of this product.

    His exact post can also be seen here…


    Down at date 5/18/2006 06:11:44 PM

    Give it up, the scientific testing of this product is starting to pile on, and it’s not looking good. Your anecdotal, placebo-effect testimonials does not prove the product.

  20. At 12:25 pm on May 19th, 2006, WIse Person wrote: #

    I like to say that all of you who join BioPerformance is a fool! I am 21 years old and I am smarter than all because you join BioPerformance. All you do eat lies after lies without checking a single sources of information. IT IS NON-TOXIC… blah blah what if you daugther swallow it and she die? Have you ever tried it yourself? It made of mothball! Dumb head! Bang the pills into powder and light it up with match! Smell it and see for yourself! What an idiot! I can see all those people who attended the BioPerformance seminar that they have been had.

    For you information about how much the owner get for all those Benjamin dollars!

    According to the report, over 30,000 people joined. They claimed that they can pay you $200 per 2 people you sign up for them. The sign up fee costed your people $300. The $100 go right into the owner pocket minus the $1 plastic bottle, ingredient of meth (moth ball), machinery, website, etc. I would say an average of $25 per 2 people who sign up. that would leave $75 times 30,000 = $4,500,000. I would say that the vice president and his cronies get that share of money within 2 month.

    Oh by the way, they claimed that they created the company since 1989. This is false and may give you an idea of how long they really exist. According to the domain website registrant, it was created 1 years ago and the rest is pretty much unknown. My guess is that they must of set this up since 3 years waited under shadow and then emerge thinking that they are going to get away from their scam.

    I want everybody who joined BioPerformance to post in this forum. Tell us how you feel about their recent asset freeze and website closed down? Feel angry? Vent your rant here and tell us your story!

  21. At 4:33 pm on May 19th, 2006, JKelly wrote: #

    I am in the business and using the product and I have gained 45 miles per tank. One thing I just don’t understand is they say the stuff is Toxic! As long as it has it has been around wouldn’t you think some one would have been sick by now? Also think about what other things you have in your garage or home Bleech, Tide, Brake cleaner,stuff you use to clean your home I would bet if you look at what is in the cleaning supplies you would find that more Toxic than what is in Bio Performance. If some one would like to take a challange I will eat a BP pill If you would drink some Toilet Cleaner?

  22. At 5:58 pm on May 19th, 2006, Alan Moore wrote: #

    Many people called this months ago. I feel sorry for the Bio distributors but not for the company. They had to have known the lawsuit was coming down and they didnt warn anyone. The Texas AG doesnt just file a lawsuit. They contact the business and try to get them into compliance. Wonder why they didnt ship for the past 3 weeks? Were they hoarding all the money waiting for this day to come? Is the money in an offshore account? Those questions will be answered in court. My only hope is the Bio disaster doesnt turn people off to networking because they think this is how the entire industry is.

    Alan Moore
    Platinum “100% Matching Bonus” Executive

  23. At 9:01 pm on May 19th, 2006, Martyn wrote: #

    To make a long story short, I was in Bio for 5 weeks, but they just couldn’t deliver. The powder I did get as a sample did seem to work on the highway tests, but overall, there were too many questions about the company and the product for me to continue to promote it in good faith.

    And the mountain of bad press keeps building. I learned back in college that if you have to explain things THAT much, you ain’t gettin’ to second base much less home plate!

    I switched to Ethos FR. Same path. MUCH different horse. Not even close. Let’s move on. Good luck to the people hanging on to Bio.

  24. At 6:51 pm on May 20th, 2006, Aubrey Stephens wrote: #

    For responce to the SMART GUY in responce(70) are you sure you are (21) or did you mean (12)? As for the Bioperformance people just sit back and watch we know the product works there is no doubt about that, We will prevail stronger than ever!

  25. At 4:03 pm on May 21st, 2006, Anthony Sloan wrote: #

    Hello Everyone is screaming for test result showing if BioPerformance is toxic or not well here it is http://www.BioPerformancePro.com

  26. At 1:35 pm on May 22nd, 2006, Randy wrote: #

    It’s unfortunate what’s happening with Bio Performance. While they get things sorted out, we have 1-2k people every day since that announcement joining 4-E. They make Ethos, the fuel reformulator used by the US Military in Iraq, proven commercially for over 10 years, and proven by FOX and NBC. it truly is non-toxic (you can seriouly DRINK IT). Check it out all the videos:


  27. At 10:48 am on May 23rd, 2006, herb wrote: #

    I too purchased bio Performance, also had two close friends sign up. We spent almost $2000 (advertise,bizcard,flyers,phone calls etc…Found most peoples fuel filter plugged up. Mileage went up and then down witin 3 tanks. No pills received since sign up (over 35 days) Bio also autoship monthly -money taken, noshipment. Big time Scam, went to Ethos. Is this the right way to treat a senior on fixed income?

  28. At 11:14 am on May 23rd, 2006, Elizabeth wrote: #

    Does anyone know what happened ? I went to the bio performance website & it looks like it is in leagal problems ?

  29. At 11:35 pm on May 23rd, 2006, Adam Schwindt wrote: #

    I see there’s quite a buzz with Ethos. It seems like former BP reps are jumping from the pan to the fire. Don’t walk…RUN from a company that does not take credit cards, especially for the initial purchase.

  30. At 7:22 am on May 24th, 2006, jcurry wrote: #

    I didn’t get into bioperformance to make money, I did however get into it to save money. I have done that so I am very satisfied with my results. I have run it in my 99 suburban for the last 10,000 miles with no harm to the engine and consistant results on the 5 mpg increase. I would like to have more but I am very satisfied with the extra 200 miles to a tank that I receive. As for the legal problems, some of the strongest mlm companies out there have had legal problems. Nothing new if you ask me. Bio Perfomance started their bussiness in December of 2005 and has grown rapidly, I say congratulations to the people that have been able to make some money out off of it. You will always find that you cant please all the people all of the time, so the best you can do is please some of the people some of the time. It has done for me what it claimed to do. With out any harm to the motors. You people need to realize that everything has kinks to work out, and bioperformance is getting the kinks worked out. I really wouldn’t care if it was toxic. Like the man said earlier, I use things to clean my house that are more harmful than this, if it is as you say, just mothballs.
    I think you all like to whine and complain to much. Get over it and move on, if you like the product use it, if you dont then keep you money and quit complaining and insulting something that you appearantly do not know anything about. I have heard stories about several mlm companies, which by the way are all pyramids, if you really want the truth of the matter that have had leagal issues in the past. This is just a bump in the road for bioperformance.
    And by the way, you have to admit the thought of making money is what got you interested enough to try it, the mpg increase was just an added bonus. Everyone is looking to make money, whether they save any or not. Be Honest with yourself. If I had the time I would be trying to sale it.

  31. At 10:22 am on May 25th, 2006, sharise wrote: #

    Well I thought about rather or not I should respond to this site. But I keep reading what looks like the reason bp has problems. People running off at the mouth without any facts. The product has no patten only those who know knows whats in the product. I hate people that guess. Anyone that says anything about the ingredients is still guessing. People didnt even know where the stuff was being made.What ever is in the stuff it works. You have to have faith in something do you stop and check if a chair can hold you everytime you sit. If something goes wrong with your car be a grown up fix it. If something as small as a pill can break your car down you have a ticking car bomb anyway and looking for someone to help your grown … to fix it. If you cant put a warranty on your car a pill wont help you improve what kind of car you drive.
    Theres no warranty that if the pill or any additive is used if your car is broke they wont fix. Come on americans lets stop having blinders most people that have there own bus, three percent of pop, dont need to be told this take the blinders off!!!!!!!!!! Have an open mind if this stuff did not work people would not waste time telling you. Finding ways to get the word off. If it did not work for you sorry. When asprin doesnt take you head ache away do you sue them ,you try another right. Thats your solution just do something and stop having properganda control your mind. There are many fuel additives try all untill you find one that works for you. Just like asprin. But be responsible and stop spreading lies find truths for you and spread truth. As for people that want to sell theire product you dont have to put something down if your works concentrate on what your product does. Whatever happens to Bp know that your company has similar profile we dont want anyone to stop a product that works because we dont need their gas as much. Stick together pass on business where your product wont work for your customer send them to some one diffrent. Point Americans stick together we can win. When you do dirty things like put out false info that divides us is what the billionairs want. None of us are billionairs or we would not be on the net but we are all looking for answers dont knock the messenger. As for me I have bp products in a land rover went from twelve miles from the lot about 240 miles per tank to 366 miles Dodge caravan had fuel line problem no mechanic could fix said wait till it cleans itself jerked at 40mi add Bp fuel lined cleaned mech said the product cleaned it out. No mile increase in that car until tried the powder I now get 401or2 miles where before it was 300 I also have a lexus that has not seen any miles yet but if she does not Im ok with that but with following directions I am only on my second tank and it takes up to four to see results.I became a BP rep not because I trying to be a millionaire but because the product worked and I did not want to wait for someone else to get it to me. The fee was for product not to just join. For grown ups five hundred dollars or even one hundred and seventy dollars should not sound impossible. If it does your not socialy ready and you may need to buy product from someone. Rem only 3 percent or self starters the other 97 percentare customers. I dont do bio for a living I own a group home and a daycare facilty. I also buy and sell property already time consuming business. But I will tell those that are near or around me how to save on gas . I only have had one customer it failed in their car. With that customer I refered them to ethos site. Even found other companys. Hey all those thats not recieving any miles try using the product heat it removes water from gas tank or try unplugging battery for five min your car could be working on a thirty turn key and drive,and change your fuel pump it does need to be change reg esp if your using a fuel cleaning product wheres the stuff going to go .If your cars running right on the gunk will go on the fuel filter. Dont you change the filter on your heating unit if your answers no then thats the hint you are still in a state of ignorance. All filters need to be changed the more you use it the more it needs to be changed! Some of you need to be re-parented with common sense. If you have a newer car you may have an antisphon device and product may not be getting down to the gas tank. Use a funnel. I encourage all BP reps to inform the public get on those training calls when available again so when you see things like this you will be answering with some more facts. However keep the good fight. Americans need you. Another tip dont park in sun it will evaporate gas faster and take stuff out of your trunk you dont need. I have displaced kids calculating the miles now and even they see the diffrence!!! So again to all of you that need to be re-parented dont say things you cant back up.You dont have lab results go to docfog.com there are some facts!!!!!!!!!!!
    It will tell you why when you heat the product its similar to the product moth balls are made of. Even if it was race car driver used it before mabey science has perfected it.
    No one knows the outcome of AG claim he still has to prove it. Im waiting to see if he can.If you read his report he is careful to say may be ,can ,would no definite words. If it is toxic that will make sense and then what I use bleach too it toxic dont you use toothpaste it is toxic not to be swalled if you look there alot of thing we use that is toxic. This is just a way to get the patten because it works. We have many thing without a patten Coke Pepsi Kentuky fried chick and so on look up those facts and share them on this site. Share hard facts.

  32. At 8:57 pm on June 6th, 2006, Anonymous wrote: #

    Regardless if the product is moth balls or not the stuff does work. I’ve used about five tanks since I started using it and every tank I get about 40 miles more than the last tank did. I went from 240 miles per tank without the pills up to 434 miles per tank with the pills. And I fill up the same way everytime with 13.2gallons to the top of the filler spout. So if you do the math I went from (18.18 mpg) to (32.87 mpg) using this product. I could care less if the stuff is moth balls or acid I am going to keep using it as long as I live, and when this whole thing is over everyone else will be too.

  33. At 10:15 am on June 7th, 2006, Lou wrote: #

    good luck with that anonymous, let us know how much damage those moth balls did to your vehicle, the costs of repair, and how much bioperformance scammed you out of…

    be realistic…BP claimed to be updating their website everyday with updates of the pending legal battle…they have updated it what, 2 or 3 times now???? last one on may 26th. they arent going to get over this THEY NEVER WILL ITS OVER

  34. At 8:36 pm on June 9th, 2006, Art wrote: #

    Someone scammed their freinds out of their hard earned money again not gas cards this time but by simply repackaging mothballs. Mothballs for years have been know to cause fuel to burn more efficient but it is also known that the by-product from it being burned is harmful to the combustion engine it is also suppose to cause even more problems in cold climates. The people of BP have made some money just too bad it was at the expense of friends and family.

  35. At 7:06 pm on August 27th, 2006, phillip e schumann wrote: #

    hey i signed up for bio and havent received anything someone tell me what is going on i would like my money back someone please respond

    thanks phil

  36. At 2:08 am on June 1st, 2007, SecretGasPowders.com wrote: #

    IMHO, I believe that bioperformance will come back stronger than ever. They have tested the product and it passed. They have moved out of Texas, to an MLM friendly State (Utah), and they have a great leadership team.

    If you want more information, please visit my website: SecretGasPowder.com

  37. At 4:16 am on September 9th, 2008, Rodger wrote: #

    This is really a good debate about saving gasoline and I hope all the MLM gas companies stay clear of the law. But speaking of saving gasoline have any of you seen this about all MLM gas saving companies?

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